About Us

We ask people is a platform established to bring some entertainment, information and new ideas into people’s lives independently in our ever-changing and developing world.

In 2020, it completed all corporate identity and infrastructure works and started broadcasting with the slogan “We ask people from all over the world”.

We Ask People” was created with the idea of ​​adapting and developing street interviews to today’s conditions.

What are we doing?

We reach random people from all over the world, ask questions and get your answers. We choose popular questions or completely random questions and get answers from real people. We create articles, lists, quizzes and videos from the answers we collect. This way, we hope you learn the opinions of people of different nationalities and have some fun.

Who are we?

We are only two people as founder and author. We are constantly striving to reach people and get answers in this crazy project that comes to mind.

This project, which was started by two friends, was created to entertain, inform and contribute to the internet as mentioned before. Our project continues to develop continuously thanks to our increasing visitors and followers.

About the Site


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[email protected] ask people.net

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+7 903 583 32 72


Tolga Hurmuzlu

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[email protected]

Cansu Senel

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[email protected]

Multiple author accounts

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[email protected]

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