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Adidas introduces new model shoes made from recycled plastic

As part of the #ENDPLASTICWASTE effort, the Adidas brand continues to rapidly produce sneakers from recycled materials.

Adidas Originals introduced the new Stan Smith collection Forever, made from recycled plastic.

Adidas entered a collaboration between designer Stella McCartney and New York organization Parley for the Oceans in 2017. By creating practical applications for marine litter, they created new shoes that both look great and do not harm the environment.

Adidas continues to produce shoes from plastics that are still thrown into the ocean today. There are currently many models of shoes made from recycled plastic.

Adidas uses 100% recycled plastic in its new shoe model

Adidas uses 100% recycled plastic in its new shoe model

The new model was created as part of the brand’s #ENDPLASTICWASTE initiative to tackle plastic waste. The upper is made from 100% recycled materials, while the outsole is made from recycled rubber. The back of the Stan Smith female model is complemented by graphic images of the planet, flowers and arrows. The male model is produced in white and green with an ivory sole.

Adidas’ website states the following about the new Stan Smith model made from recycled plastic:

Adidas Stan Smith Shoes have been an icon for over 50 years. Part of Adidas’ commitment to use only recycled polyester by 2024, this model reshapes the classic style with an outsole made from rubber waste.

This product is made with Primegreen, which is made of high performance recycled materials. 50% of the shoe upper contains recycled material. The model does not contain pure polyester.


Also, not only shoes, but packaging are now made recyclable and stored in the classic Adidas Originals blue box, which is said to be made from over 990% recycled paper.

In 2020, even a football field was built with a recycling project.

Adidas brand shoes made from recycled plastic. What do people think?

Adidas brand shoes made from recycled plastic

We asked random people what they thought. Here are the answers:

Great news that Adidas uses recycled plastic! But not enough. Even worse, Adidas can’t be very helpful. If they can’t be biodegradable, you won’t get anything.

Many famous companies have been operating in this field for years. He carried out various recycled plastic projects at McDonalds. This is what needs to be done.

So you help the environment but it seems odd that it’s priced the same as a regular pair. Does this job cost the same? Making these affordable can actually be better because they can generate more sales.

I don’t think the same for recycled plastic. Why don’t companies stop generating more plastic waste? Won’t these shoes be trashed again after a while?

I really want to have one of these. The problem is that not everyone can give this money.

Wait a minute. All the same price. One is made from recycled plastic and has the same performance. Did I get right? Why not make all your sneakers from recyclable materials?

Where will old sneakers go when they are no longer wanted?

In my opinion, everything ecologically safe and recycled should not be expensive and ugly. Anyway, at least cute.


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