We Asked 100 People

Are your parents strict?

We asked 100 people: Are your parents strict?

Hello to everyone! “Are your parents strict?” we asked this question a hundred people. We have listed the answers we got for you.

Some of the 100 people we asked are people who grew up in very repressive societies, others grew up in libertarian societies.

As you guessed; Individuals raised in oppressive societies answered “yes”, and individuals raised in free societies answered “No”. However, we got interesting answers from 28 out of 100 people we asked our question.Are your parents strict?

Interesting answers to the question are as follows;

Interesting answers

Interesting answers 1

We thought you better take a look at the interesting answers before the yes and no answers. Without further ado, let’s move on to 28 interesting answers: Are your parents strict?

My father is strict, but not my mother. That’s why I love my mom more and for other reasons.

My deceased family was strict but very fair.

This is Nigeria.

Pops very strict mum very soft.

No exactly.

Full of respect and trust.

They’re so good that when I got older they fired me so they wouldn’t look at me.

I want to answer the question but I don’t have a family.

I am timeless and independent. Of course, without missing the measure.

Not since I buried them 25 years ago.

I live alone.

So so…

Were but now RIP, they were great parents.

I don’t have a family, I’m alone.

My mom and dad insult me ​​every day.


If you are sincere to each other, then it should be.

Are you looking for adoptive parents?


I’m a parent, I’ll never think of being strict.

Are your parents strict? Hmm… Actually this is a tough question. Normally it is normal.

Usually my family is not strict.


Sometimes it’s for your good to have a solid family.

I live alone.

I am alone… Parents expired…

They were very strict when alive.

Not much.

Those who say yes

Whose who say yes 1 1

We received 34 responses that thought his family was oppressive.

You may not always agree with family members. In this case, if you are facing family pressure, this is a sign of a lack of harmony in your family or a need for approval. If you don’t want to disappoint others, you will come under pressure.

We must not forget that in a good family, everyone should respect and help each other. Family members should be harmonious rather than barriers and pressure on each other.

Are your parents strict?: Those who say yes



More than you can imagine.



Yes and i am 42 years old.

Not to me but to others.

My mom but I love the way you educate us.

Yes very much.

Yes a little.


Yes a little.

Every parents are strict.

So much strict.

Very very much. So much that I’m not married yet.

So much strict.

Cause they love us. That’s why they are strict.


Yes of course.

Those who say no

Whose who say no 1

Are your parents strict? We have 38 answers that answer “no” to our question.

Probably people who are really calm answer yes to this question, or they live in really respectful and loving families. Every word will start to seem exaggerated when your family constantly pressures you. If you want to relieve the pressure, the best method may be to calm down a bit first.



No, no, no.

Not that much.

Oh heck no.

Not that much.


No, for example I liked someone today and would be happy to tell my mom.

No, I just have a sick mother and I’m looking after her.

I don’t think they are.


No not at all.

No, no, no.

Not really.

No dat much.

No not at all!

No why should they do it?

No i am single.

Are your parents strict? – Result

Are your family strict

As you can see in our list; Are your parents strict? Of the answers given to the question, 38 answered no and 34 answered yes. The remaining 28 people’s responses show that they are not sure about their family’s attitude.

27 of those who say yes are people living in countries with high religious integrity. Previously in this country Arabia, Iran, Indonesia and Turkey are taking place. The other 11 people who say yes are those who live in countries other than these countries where family structure has changed.

We saw that most of the 34 people who said no live in Western countries. We cannot deny that we get “yes” from a few people in countries where the answer is “no”.

Considering the other 28 answers to our question, we do not hesitate to say that the answers given are related to family structure or social structure.

Are your parents strict? Don’t forget to mention it in the comments!



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