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Billie Eilish has released a documentary about “A Little Blurry World”

American singer and songwriter Billie Eilish has released a documentary about friendship, relationships, family, music, talent, hard work and growth.

R.J. Directed by Cutler, the movie consists of 2 hours and 30 minutes. The film, which was released in many countries at the end of February, is about the creation of the singer’s first album in 2019.

The world famous singer, born on December 18, 2001, is now 19 years old and has many successes. The released documentary focused on videos, tours, singles, Grammys and a success story since Billie Eilish’s debut song Ocean Eyes became popular after its release in 2016.

Most importantly, part of the film was created based on videos taken from her personal archives: at home, at rehearsals, at concerts.

After the tours, they become an ordinary family worried about the daily work of the main character: passing the driver’s license exam, the first trip in the car, leaving a boyfriend, quarrels, tears, puberty in life, the scene is growing and more.

Another notable point in the movie is that Eilish talks about his fanaticism and friendship with Justin Bieber. Also, the issue of the singer’s relationship with the rapper from Los Angeles Brandon Adams was discussed in detail for the first time.

What do people think?

What do people think

Just watched the documentary and cried my heart out several times.

Billie Eilish is always beautiful funny and smart good singer.

This might be one of my favorite documentaries of all time if not the favorite of them all.

Your songs hold depth, meaning, & hope for so many.

Who else is using the apple TV 7 day free trial, just to watch Billie?

Can’t watch but I know it will be absolutely amazing.

Is this the whole documentary? Or is it only the interview and some clips from the doc! Where is the remaining part of it?

Even with all the fortune and fame, the loneliness still makes you miserable.


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