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Can the existence of the soul be scientifically explained?

We Ask 100 People: Can the existence of the soul be scientifically proven?

Hello to everyone! In today’s article, we ask people, “Can the existence of the soul be scientifically proven?” We shared the answers to the question with you.

Spirit is defined as the abstract side or essence of human existence in religion and philosophy. However, its scientific existence is discussed and very different opinions emerge.

So we asked people this question so that people can share their thoughts and research on this issue with us.

Let’s go through the answers together.

100 great responses from 100 people

We asked 100 people: Can the existence of the soul be scientifically explained?

Faulty epistemology. Science is not capable of discerning all things. It only applies to physical realities, not spiritual ones.

The answer is there is nothing to suggest it’s existence. This means we’re not saying the do, we’re not staying they don’t. Just that there’s nothing to suggest they do.

Mortal mınd, ıntellect and ego are curtaıns on the eternal spırıtual truths and the experıence of a constant.

They said that soul is the one that we lost after death so I would say that what soul really means is consciousness.

Spirit is an energy that unites the body with consciousness. Just like software and hardware need to be connected.

Please remember this: 1- The soul is always based on the “spiritual realm”. 2- Science is always based on ‘physical concepts’. Therefore, the two should not be confused!

Evidence of the soul is philosophical and intellectual, not pragmatic or experimental. Let’s consider a medical example. Can you use drugs to love another person? This will not happen. As with maximum use, consider the dosage or the intensity of the drug, the effects will be gradually minimized and then become ineffective. However, the soul is somewhat durable. Because despite his rejection, he will continue to fight and love. Science fully explains why emotions are unreasonable and uncontrollable because their simplicity cannot be tested with facts.

Science can’t even find solution to HIV, Cancer and many other diseases that have been around for science for over 100 years, and the cures that science provides are all with huge side affects even for a normal headache! So how u expect anyone to proof you soul by science…

Conservation of information and the conservation of energy with the realization that we change, our information conservation guarantees we are reborn where we left off so we never regress but always grow, eventually one’s soul is swallowed up into a black hole where all things are that are not here now in some form, waiting for the conditions for it to emerge from a white hole reappearing into the universe as a child according to ones nature of there everlasting soul.

When u will die none will tell wash ort-ift., enshroud Somia, burry Somia. You will be called as ‘Body’. Bcoz, there is no Somia, she went to where she came from. Your name is not the name of your body. Its the name of your soul. Btw, scientifically u can consider soul as an energy. Besides, Science is yet to reach that level of advancement. I surely will prove it when it does Inshaallah.

What is a soul? I think many people have different views of what it actually means.

Science is not equipped to prove anything subjective, and the soul is the ultimate subjective.

You have a man who just died of a heart attack, you have a corpse, you can cut it open and give him a brand new heart that pumps him, and he won’t wake up, the new heart will die. When the body dies, there is nothing to bring that body back to life – the bodies where the heart stopped and shocked, that body was not clinically dead, the brain was still alive. Here is a man who died of drowning – you have a corpse, you take out the piece that was blocking his throat, and now you have a corpse with nothing blocking his throat, now you cannot bring him back to life. You can build and change it. The perfect body, all the flawed places have perfect parts but the body won’t come back to life… Although it’s perfect… why?

This is the soul.

Science can only prove visible things, invisible things cannot be scientifically proven.Understand this first.

Science can’t even identify where consciousness comes from.

It has not been proven the existence of a soul.

Cosmic standards… I believe the part we interact with after death is part mind and soul and care the body.

Soul is not a matter and matter of science.

Years ago in Physics class, I heard of an experiment that tends to indicate that souls are real. Scientists put a dying man on a very sensitive scale. The moment he died his weight decreased by a gram or so.

What is the use of the dictionary if you don’t believe in soul.

Soul is just a personalized entity of mind.

You cannot prove anything with science: that is not how science works.
The best you can do is limit the unknowns to a practical level.

The soul doesn’t need science. Its beyond the observable.

From Munchausen’s trilemma, it is not possible to “prove” any knowledge (or truth), and certainly not with science: which is just a kind of magic.

There’s a great book you should check out to answer your question: Dark Light Consciousness: Melanin, Serpent Power, and the Luminous Matrix of Reality By: Edward Bruce Bynum Ph.D. ABPP

Scientifically there is difference between the dead and the alive things or persons simply u can call the reason for that difference the soul or any other call u want.

The soul is energy… everything in the universe is energy. Its all the same energy… One thing existing in every possible way… Everything in the universe is the universe… Its just one thing, all the same thing.

Non-material entities cannot be proven by science.

It’s intangible,and it can’t be empirically proven, but just because it can’t be proven empirically doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist for certain.

Read the book “life beyond death” you might find what you are looking for…

Prove it doesn’t, with ‘science’…

No, you are not relying science on proving, or otherwise any Spiritual existence! Science is concerned of physical issues, even there just think, please ! One little seed of an Apple can’t be produced scientifically and be planted to grow into an Apple tree. That is Science.

The soul would be considered supernatural and cannot be measured by science…

Ok whats the diffrent between a dead body and an a live body ? Btw both have the same things and the dead body had died normally and the dead body is for someone is man not an old man!?

Person wey dey inside grave dey shake hands?

No soul does not exist in the sense a consciousness that lives beyond the body.

There is one substance that beat the soul electricity.

I can bust of spirit not soul.the world cannot be full of souls from past death.

Science does not prove or prove everything. Since it is not physical, nothing can be proven spiritually.

Interesting question. I think it can be scientifically proven by examining the laws of nature. If we are natural beings who live to reproduce and pass on our genes and if our only motivators are things that help us survive (food, water, shelter) then there would be no acts of selfless kindness or altruism. Why do we do nice things for strangers or risk our lives to save strangers? Why do we find joy in music? Why do we seek spiritual meaning? All those things are real drives that science has been unable to test for. The only real scientific answer is that there must be Something causing those since they don’t help our natural/biological reason for being.

That thing ur religious books try to refer as soul is actually your consciousness.

Has anyone ever properly defined soul?

You can’t prove anything infinite with a finite brain. You can’t even prove that love exists yet it does.

A body without a soul is dead.

It is not possible to prove this with science.

You need your definition of soul.

I’d like to see anyone even define what a “soul” is … let alone prove its existence. Science or not … what is the objective definition of a soul?

What leaves your body, when you die?

No. We have no souls. We have electric firing of neurons. When they stop we have as much life as a vacuum cleaner that was unplugged during operation on your living room floor.

Science is not a tool to prove anything. Science is already proven. Science you supposed to investigate.

Sometimes I don’t write down what I really think but I mean to spark dialogs.

Impossible, science only concerns itself with things that manifest themselves in reality. Things that the scientific method can be applied to. For example: everything that is real.

It depends which science you take. Maybe the problem is, that we always need a proof! I don’t need science in that case, because I have my experience and the feeling which guides me to the truth. There is no more proof than that! Don’t get me wrong. I do love science. In my experience, I am absolutely certain the soul exist.

Let’s say soul is a philosophical concept which lays down the metaphysical meaning of being what is like to be human, the ability to feel, love and our ability to create art, let’s call this soul and make everyone happy.

Watch the Disney movie, it explains everything.

Science says energy cannot be destroyed only it can transform from one form to another, soul is nothing but an energy of a body. When human dies …its energy moves out and still it does exist in the name of soul.

The existence of Soul cannot be proven through Scientific means. And who ever embarks on such adventure will come out with nothing. To the Spiritual, Soul exists: but to the empiricist, it doesn’t exist.

I only believe the soul exists because I view the human mind as an energy. Energy must go somewhere even when we expire. (But energy cannot be measured. So it’s at a bit of a double edged sword opinion.)

The soul exists within our thoughts. Otherwise, it is only debatable.

If consciousness exists, prove it with science. See, I can do it too.

The soul is something like consciousness, intelligence, sensitivity. These qualities somehow exist in animals, so we can say that the soul is variable like other qualities. This means that a soul can cease to exist.

Science proves nothing. Retroduction proves everything.

According to science + Religion Soul’s is connected to Conscience and conscience is connected to subconscious and subconscious is connected to the 95% brain and 95% brain achievement is connected to our hidden sense called 6 sense and 6 sense in another words it’s called a 3rd and every human’s brain have this one person who got Aware with this it means he achieved conscience which is connected to the soul or effect. And one 2nd person who is unaware because of the lake of knowledge understanding. And the soul or conscience means that’s intelligent 3rd is actually exist in the deepest middle part of our brain And this eye in the language of science is called pineal gland.
Now you can cross check with science.

Spirit is something like consciousness, intelligence, sensitivity. These qualities are somehow present in animals, so we can say that the soul is as variable as inferior qualities.

Have you ever solved a mathematical problem using historical evidence?

The soul is small… About 28 grams…

Science can’t disprove this either, so trying to get some “gotcha” out of this just makes you look stupid.

Get your science up to par and we’ll talk.

Soul, like God, is a fiction.

The soul does not have a form of existence that can be proved.

Can you see the wind little girl?

Science says no soul how can science know about it reject… Joke.

Conscious is ego that is unique to individual and dies upon death. Soul is sub conscious that is identical to other human beings is eternal and continues upon death. Heaven and hell come into play.

Well looks like everybody here needs to submit their papers and collect a nobel prize.

Would you believe the answer? Prove that with science.

Of course it cannot be proven. It can be believed or not. That’s it. The end.

Yes. The driving force of the brain is bioelectrical energy, a drop in it such as in brain death results in an inability for the organism to function. It is the deciding factor as it can go counter to its nature. Being energy it can neither be created nor destroyed so it’s literally eternal. I’d even go as far as to say cells use bioelectrical energy in their nucleus. Brains and nervous systems being only needed for higher organisms.

Science is just one of validating the reality, there are still many things which cannot be checked objectively like, soul, mind, consciousness so this question is wrong.

Science has limitations. Because science is made by human but soul is made by God. If you wanna get an answer first be spiritual prey harley and then you will get your answer.

The answer is “we don’t know”.. that’s the only correct answer.

This the the field in which science has not reached that far.

Consult the philosophy of St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Socrates, Plato, Emmanuel Kant, Karl Max, St. Anselm etc.
You will be certain about soul existence, immortal beings, activity/nature/ existence of God, so you will excel in your philosophizing.

There’s a lot of ideology disguised as other things here. What repeatable and falsifiable experiment could be done? Could you even start by having a common understanding of ‘soul’ to test against? Given these two things, there’s very little utility in this domain.

How can u prove it with science when it has nothing to do with science.

You have not asked this question because you don’t exist, you are a spirit without the body.

Pay much care to your soul than your body, says Socrates. ” Then Plato said, “Whatever exists is the carbon copy of its nature.” And Socrates requested that people shouldn’t cry while he is dying so that his soul wouldn’t be interrupted in the passage to eternity. In the world for play, in the eternity for blessed Happiness — soul, says Plato.”

There is no soul. The soul is a metaphor for the activity of the human nervous system. People are afraid of death, and this fear creates a myth about the afterlife used by religious fraudsters.

The fact that everyone knows is that when that soul get out from u die whether u accept it or not.

You can not prove it by science. But it does not mean it does not exist. The People who experienced life after death and came back are a good source. Also watch the film “heaven is for real”.

I have actually touched the soul of my aunt , there were witnesses there were doctors and nurses to vouch for it, but you requiring science to prove what it denies exists is asinine.

No one has still answered properly the question.

Science doesn’t have answers for all questions and that’s one of them.

Yes of course it exists. You must have inner voice to yourself. Inner voice is your soul.

Cover your mouth and nose with your hand to the extent that you can’t breathe at least for ten minutes.

A soul is a living being. There is no need to prove something that’s evidently true by immediate and continuous observation and experience.

If Only Science Could be Used to Proven the Deep definition and Meaning of Soul” is It Saying about “Soul” meaning or Prevailing the Study of what Science Did your in Soul?

Can you provide scientific evidence that it doesn’t exist?

To prove with science is conditional and objectional. One can’t perfectly prove the existence of the soul with science rather philosophy and theology, for because of mysteriousness of human soul (image of God) philosophy and theology fashioned, they are divine disciplines.

God, the soul “free will exists in the same way as there is the concept of
… the sense of self is an illusion as much as the soul or the god
Who will prove there is free will, also prove the existence of a creator of the soul (free will) God?



We ask people, ‘Can the existence of the soul be scientifically proven? This was the answer we got from the question.

Looking at people’s thoughts in general, the soul is defined by information obtained from scriptures. It cannot be said that there are clear answers scientifically.

So what do you think the soul is? Can the soul be scientifically proven?

Do not forget to indicate your answer in the comment!

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