Can you text with emojis? Test yourself! (Quiz)

Do you really know the emoji? Can you text with emojis?

If you’re still here I guess you’re confident! This is beautiful. Surprise us!

We know that people can communicate with emojis just like they speak. Maybe emojis could even become a global written language in the near future! How well do you know this modern writing language? Come on test yourself!

What do the emojis in the picture tell?

Good Morning
Correct! Wrong!

What do you know about these emojis?

I have to go
Correct! Wrong!

What is meant in the picture?

So hot
Correct! Wrong!

What is meant by these emojis?

I am in love!
Correct! Wrong!

What would you know if I sent you this emoji?

Correct! Wrong!

So what does this emoji tell?

Correct! Wrong!

What do 2 pairs of human emojis tell you?

Too crowded
Correct! Wrong!

I think you can know that!

You are on your lucky day
Correct! Wrong!

What do emojis tell you?

Calm down
Correct! Wrong!

What should you understand when you see these icons?

Look your way
Correct! Wrong!

The final question. What are these emojis used for?

What's going on
Correct! Wrong!

Can you text with emojis? Test yourself!
You don't understand much about emojis. It doesn't matter, it's enough to show emotions.

It doesn't matter, it's enough to show emotions

Not bad. Like it will be 🙂

Not bad!

This is a good result! I guess you can only chat with emojis!

This is a good result

Are you cheating? You did the 11/11! Maybe you're just using emojis when texting.

Are you cheating?

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