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Did the birds die from fireworks on New Year’s Eve?

Hundreds of dead birds were spotted on the streets of Rome on New Year's Eve.

We ask people: The “rain” of dead birds fell on Rome. Hundreds of dead birds hit the streets. Birds are believed to have died of fear of fireworks in the incident that took place on December 31st. Did the birds die from fireworks? What do you think about this news?

Hundreds of dead birds were seen on the streets of Rome, the capital of Italy, on New Year’s Eve. Most of the birds were starlings. Dead birds are thought to be caused by fireworks used for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The cause of the deaths in this sad event is still unclear. It is said that the neighborhood where bird deaths took place has dense leafy trees and therefore birds prefer to nest here.

Did the birds die from fireworks?

Did the birds die from fireworks in Rome?

Did the birds die from fireworks in Rome

It is stated that bird deaths on New Year’s Eve are related to the showing of fireworks especially loudly. Birds are easily afraid of loud noises, they can have a heart attack.

The following statement was made in the international organization for the protection of animals:

“Maybe they died of fear. They can collide with each other, enter windows or power lines. Let’s not forget that they may have died of a heart attack. “

Loredana Diglio

Fireworks damage or kill animals every year

Fireworks damage or kill animals every year
Did the birds die from fireworks?

While fireworks cause the death of birds, they can permanently damage many creatures, including cats and dogs. Many people, especially experts and animal rights associations, react to the fireworks display. Even if some officials try to ban the sale of fireworks, there is no result.

In response, Massimo Comparotto, head of the Italian branch of this organization, told reporters that they want the sale of fireworks to be banned annually, but so far the authorities have not responded.

It should be added that fireworks do not only harm animals. It hurts us all. It is known that fireworks contaminate water and soil by mixing into the air due to the chemicals, toxic gases and heavy metals they contain.

Does it seem smart to use fireworks for just 5 minutes of fun?

Did the birds die from fireworks? What do people think?

What do people think

Perhaps thousands of birds die each year because of our simple pastime. Hundreds of animals run away or get injured in fear. So what do people think? Did the birds die from fireworks?

Here are the ideas we got for this news:

We should stop these kind of uncertain celebrations. We should always stand for the earth. Maybe it will pull back to 60’s. Economy will destroy. But we will build a green future.

Fireworks won’t kill any birds unless it hits a bird.

I think this news is fake.

Birds are died due to fight radiation not due to fireworks.

It is so painful & if we won’t stop playing with nature a day nature is going to drill us like anything they to co exist on globe.

Mm I saw the news too and it may be bcz of fireworks. They should celebrate without fireworks in simply.

Because of the noisy fireworks. Noise seriously scares birds.

This is very bad news. However, fireworks are not used for the first time. I don’t think it has anything to do with fireworks.

It’s your turn to get ideas! Did the birds die from fireworks? What do you think?

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