We Asked 100 People

Do you think music benefits society?

We ask people: Do you think music benefits society?

Hello to everyone! Today we present an interesting topic again. We wondered what people thought about the impact of music on society and we gathered the answers.

Music definitely resides somewhere in people’s lives. Music is truly everywhere, especially when it comes to the possibilities of technology.

Past events, memories and experiences, you can fit them all into a single song. So when music is so powerful, what is its impact on society? Do you think music benefits society?

Does music benefit society? – All Answers

Does music benefit society


It benefits me.

Yes! Music has the power to enlighten our mind and hearts!

Music can be an awesome tool, if we use it to help uplift us and make us happier and better person I know in my life music has been a big thing if I used to my advantage so yes music can benefit society but also can damage if you listen to the wrong music. Just like music can bring happiness into ones life Christ can also! What is your favorite kind of music?

Music benefits me on almost every level as an individual. I don’t have enough experience with society as a whole on that subject to know anything else.

Don’t think so Couse according to researches most of crimes have a rout at there effected personalities by the music and spacialy the lyrics.

Yes, music has an enormous power on minds!

Depends on the kinda of music, who is listening to it, and at what point or time in their lives. Music has been a call for freedom throughout history. It has helped over throw dictatorships. And apart from it being purely for entertainment, some music has contributed to the moral decay of societies. There’s no easy answer I guess.

Firstly music is just a part of basic for happiness. So no matter how bad society is that’s where we all put our differences aside and come together.

Yes and no because it tells you about sorry and gets you to earn and no because it destroy society as well music.

Yes. It should be used in moderation though. It is an addictive but can do much good in the right scenarios.

Yes it does and it reminds the society about their culture.

From marching a revolution to making a baby sleep. From making your life beautiful to thinking about philosophies of life. From understanding true happiness to helping you in your pain. Music can do anything. Everything. Its a religion.

Vibrations benefit everything.

It’s the most effective form of art in that its an object that give us a subjective feeling. With the lyrics sometimes its just familiar.

Yes. That is my philosophy.

Yes and depending on the aim, purposes, objectives of using music plus the music itself.

It works for me when stressed out.

Music it art but now they use music to program wrong program in human mind.

Why should it benefit “society” rather than individuals?

Sometimes our minds are warped by sayings, and sometimes our memories are collected with intensely beautiful verse.

I might have fallen into depression or worst if it wasn’t for good music. How many life’s musics has saved plus how many ppl making a living from the music industry. So in all level music is essential for a society.

Music affects mood. It can support our mood or change it. So we can use Music to change our mood for a benefit.

It does benefit if it’s proper music.

Art in any form can benefit society. It is a way of indirectly responding to the world.

Music is healing.

I strongly believe in good and bad music. I grew up in gang culture and I know very well how music affects people, especially rap music that is violent and glorifies the drug lord lifestyle. These kinds of things take the kids to the grave. The fastest path is through violent robberies, selling drugs, and many other things that completely destroy a society.

It helps to build a powerful subconscious mind.

…depends what you call “music”…

Probably not Slipknot or Snoop Dogg.

Why are you doubting?

Popular music has worked along with other aspects of the ‘entertainment’ industry, and consistently with other channels of the propaganda mill. The word ‘programming’ is key to understanding the motives and the methods.

Yes, a form of unity.

Music is the sound of feelings. It is the higher language. A great goodness for humans.

The earth has music for those who listen. Shakespeare.

Not if you are deaf.

Some can free us and some can cause us to become hopelessly conformed puppets.

What is music, or what ought to be? Just sounds?

The world runs on vibrations and music is organized vibrations.

Music is a therapy of sorts ss just depends on what kinds thou I’d assume.

Music is art and it can remove you from the world around you, you experience life in a different way, in the abstract of creation. It’s spiritual.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” Albert Einstein

Creative work always inspires. That is why we respond to it so well!

Try to go without it and show me your society.

Classical music.

Music is a blessing and can be a tremendous tool for life enhancement, but remember it’s also very subjective. I truly believe one man’s Joy can be another man’s sorrow.

Anything benefiting the individual(s) will eventually benefit the society!

Music we listening is not enough to educate The vibration sells but you must educate the community.

It depends on the music. My art is made to express the whole spectrum of human emotions and their nature, be it good or bad. Rap per se, for example is not a bad thing, only its content. Additionally, music has the be a bit edgy in order to be special, not some whitewashed pop song.

Extremely harmful especially objectifying women ,sexual contexts,dirty lyrics, promote drugs and many many more. Destroying our youths and family silently.

In Psalms is written, “Make a joyful noise..”. That’s my main rule for music is that it has to be uplifting. Most popular music is not, and that’s true of some classical music too. Much of the devotional music would be alright except that it praises demons and twists the truth into lies. I have found some jazz, classical, and blue grass to be perfectly acceptable.

Quality music through nt just quantity.

It depends upon the music.

Most popular music has had a detrimental effect on the minds and spirits of many, and has been bad for society. Mainly because of the mostly negative messages, and many will sing along and be cursing themselves with the lyrics. The music itself affects the emotions, so you can see if what you’re listening to is bringing you up or down, or how it’s affecting the way you think and feel.

All arts and aesthetics do literally bookmarks of time and places.

Music contain in the Bible. Plato and Confucius encourage music and in ancient Greece music is part of curriculum. German Nietzsche quotes life would be a mistake without music.

The lyrics does.

Some societies couldn’t fell the pleasure of music Music is mysterious bcz it gives pleasurea as well as pain.

Music is good in many ways, it can be like having an overly empathetic friend, someone who will cheer with you when you’re happy and cry with you when you’re sad. I think this is important, to feel and deal. It can also help bring clarity, someone might have struggled mentally to find the perfect words for what you’re going through.. It also brings people together! But as with most things it can be used like a drug too, a distraction to help suppress emotion. Seems to come down more to the individual, it can benefit the individual and it can detriment the individual, and I guess that expands into society from there.

Happy when you feel sad and stress.

Of course. Human beings are more than advanced monkeys.

I would say it is very helpful. Music is an outlet that allows us to express ourselves in ways words alone cannot. It’s one of the few way we can share feelings with others. Music therefore serves as an emotional outlet and has a therapeutic impact on society.

Music is my medicine…

Any sound is music. Music food for the soul. The first thing a human being before knowing how to speak is singing. So go on sing a little song and feed your soul.

Music can definitely benefit. It’s a more advanced form of communication.

On average its not beneficial or detrimental to society i reckon.

Music is part of Rhythm which manifests universally.

The is good music and bad music.

I believe it’s essential.

People will might go crazy without music.

Of course, music is poetry after all.

Yes, it’s a language we all understand.

Soul food.

Yes, it heals like other forms of art.



We ask people: Do you think music benefits society?

This was all the answers we got from our followers. I hope the answer you’re looking for is somewhere around here.

In fact, when you do research, you can see that music has a characteristic that educates and changes people. Music, which is the common language of people, is a beautiful and decent art branch that can appeal to everyone and every segment and is defined as the food of the soul. Therefore, we can say that music affects society.

What do you think? Do you think music benefits society?

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