We Asked 100 People

Does we humans are special, what are we doing in this universe?

We ask people, “Does we humans are special, what are we doing in this universe?”

Hello to everyone! Today we ask people, “Does we humans are special, what are we doing in this universe?” We asked the question and shared the scientific and logical answers we got from them.

Many people ask why we are connected in this universe at a certain point in life, what trait we have as a human race. As a result of this questioning, some people think the universe was created just for humans, while others think we find it very different from connectivity and other communications.

We have been curious about such opinions of people and have listed the answers we got from them for you.

We asked people if we humans are special

We asked people if we humans are special

Yes, for each other, and for the puzzle that may arise in everyone’s mind just as it did in yours.

Just killing each other and somewhere just having sex, not for reproduction, just for pleasure.

No, we aren’t special in that there is no ultimate meaning to our fluke lives. Yes, we are special in that we beat the odds against our existence and here we are!

We could be… We are the most advanced species on this planet.

That’s why you need to ask why aliens are separated from us cox they think fast than we… It means we not that special there are other planets and other creatures that are better than humans note.

I was thinking the same.

According to evolution and other scientific theories we are not special and we ( all live things ) have no permanent in. This universe will end one day.

No we aren’t, “we” are all creature dwell in this world .

The universe got an itch and itching machines called as humans got created.

We are here on trial to resist the vanity temptation of evil. If we pass that trial then we successful in life after Resurrection. Those who the idea of resurrection, they will see when they brought to life again with their fresh memory and personality as if they tarried for just a day.

Life is an opportunity to grow in ones basic nature and come to experience the basic nature of true unbreakable happiness.

Nature is ruthless. Happiness in life is promised to no one. Opportunity is limited to those that either recognize it when it happens or makes it happen, and that in general is determined by genetics and environmental factors.

We experience duality, in turn, that gives us the ability to define and create all things into existence… Since we experience this in nature, you could say we are the lords of nature… We create and define the physical universe.

This question is the answer to the question. This is a question that will never be answered by others. It is a question for you to contemplate for the rest of your material life.

Is life on earth special? What are we all doing here?

Wasting our potential.

SSPPAL is the way forward. Science.
Law .

We ain’t shit.

No. Living.

Well now… One thing is for sure, some of us are not attending class.

As far as we know we are the only things capable of comprehending the universe and the only things capable of value judgements, thus the only thing able to give it value. Maybe?

All creation is special for God, no one is more important, we all are equal in right before God.

Thought is the response of the accumulated experience as memory, that thought is limited because knowledge is limited. To have an insight into it, which means that you are observing without memory and from that insight you act and that action is logical.

Humans are special until it won’t resemble animals natures.

It’s an honor to be here. We are not special… Just a beautiful creation.

Making communal divisionism and nurturing hatred thereby.

Spoiling it & we are not special but you are free to believe it as long as we don’t find some superior alien life.

As we all know that we humans are called as seniors of all creations due to our intellect… We are differentiated from other creations due to our special intellectual abilities that other creations lack… But still i have to say that we don’t even use our mind properly… We should be considered unintellectual despite having mind.

Not everyone matters those who advance the human Gene pool matters.

It’s called human supremacy. We think we are special because we could.

No, there is nothing more special about humans than about anything else. We are all impermanent features of the ONLY One that is ACTUALLY here; the Universe.

Life as we know it may be abundant across the universe in similar or different forms.lf the universe was capable of bringing life into existence on earth nothing will stop it from doing so in different locations across the vast universe.

We live in a very mysterious and magical universe. It’s important to open up your mind and question literally everything you’ve been taught and think you may know. Things evolve too quick. Take care of yourself, be selfless, and positivity as much as you can.

Humans are special. Philosophy, morality, reason, the knowledge of good and evil, and the fact that we can surpass our animal population for greater good are the proof we are unique.

Growing spiritually.

What are we doing? I’m tying these words.

Of course you’re special, just like everyone else. All humans are special, just like every other animal. Doesn’t mean they’re all gonna do anything with it.

We are especial one of the exotic alien food andrenochrome, earth is Kindalike human farming. So we have to stand tall.


A good question..

What we’re meant to do. However…. Some need to discover that for themselves.

You are most special to yourself, and that is all you need.

As the one that the holy 5th element refered to and rode with in the day, you are all meat popsickles. In this universe we are temporarily unfrozen, but yea, we shall confront and beat the heat of fusion and thus solidify again for all eternity. No lesser meat popsicles beside yogi, and Fred Hartley have thus ordained.

We are here to be tested and tried.

Generating carbon dioxide, all hail carbon dioxide, one of the purer forms of wat.er

We are not any different from the universe nothing special

This human appears special.

We are NOT the result of a cosmic accident. We are the result of a divine creator.
The purpose of our existence is to understand our origin and our destiny . And as long as you don’t find the answer, you are the prisoner of an invisible dynamic.
Only the truth will set you free …

Never ever say we humans, it’s a degrading insult to be included in your little socially imposed box of

No, we are not special.

I think everything is rather supernatural we are just used to it. It is only the consciousness of the ego which constrains our attention to ourselves.

No one’s special. But we have our own decision to make ourselves special. We have our own specific purpose, we just need to find it.

Anti Christ is anything against the knowledge and power of God. which is truth . Scientific is the anti Christ. Scientific dum down the knowledge and truth and facts. By coming out with scientific experiments to test their theories, and telling everyone they testing science when they not. Science dont need test its proven. he needs to be investigated. Scientific theories needs experiments because they trying to be erase god so they can be god. And try to come out with the next big theory to shake the world. its nothing pure about scientific.

The world is billion years old„ before humans exist there were giants„ humans life is only 80 years old average,,, your question exceeds farther than your limits.

We as believers in God,we believe that the main reason we were created,is to venerate,adore,and worship our Creator.

Until I know a lot more about everything, I’m not prepared to pretend that I already do… That would be a fool’s errand.

Yes and we are the stewards of all things in this earth.

We are in this universe because it was the only one available at the time.

We think we’re special… The universe is not so impressed.

These are basic questions about life, that one needs to meditate upon day and night.

We are not in the universe. We are the universe experiencing itself.

Nope. Nothing special. We just got lucky. Or unlucky. Depending on how you look at it.

We are freaks of the universe with no right to be here.

Humans are indeed special in the Universe, to wonder it and for its admiration.

Special? We have Supercomputers in our heads!

To say that man has nothing special is a fault.

I just found myself there… But I don’t scientifically know the purpose…

This question is goal of the universe.

Human Beings are just another example of life forms in this Universe.

We human beings re in this universe to explore the nature of this world,live and acquire what we shall still leave behind for others to inherit after our demise… Remember: Scripturally you human have soul and you must account for all ur deeds when u where alive….

Humans aren’t special, they serve as expendable raw material in a process whereby polarities grapple, merge and dissipate into formless singularity, the human level is the most expendable and insignificant of all universal processes.

We’re special as we are conscious of ourselves. But no, not in any other way are we all that astounding. There are a lot more astounding creatures in the world that are not conscious of themselves. We shit, we eat, we breed, we kill, we make observations about our environment, we record history. The last two are the only claims to fame humanity has.

Our true leaders are watching us to see if we become useful.

We are fertilizer machines, for the earth. We exist to produce fertilizer, for the earth.

Yes we are special. We use tools and use our imagination to improve our life. But we have no right to enslave all other lives. We are greedy, selfish and most of all carrying complexes . That is why we are the only one living thing created slavery and workers.

We just tend to think we are, but maybe we are? Simply, no one knows, but it’s better to believe so.

We think we are special but we does not even have the ability to love each-other as a collective despite our complex brain and genius.

Yes we are special.

We think we are on a globe scale, but universally speaking? Hah…

We can create energy, the energy called love.

I have value to me. If you are mentally healthy, you have value to you to. Our society therefore operates best if we treat each other with equality over our shared value.

Test based on how we work according to the purpose 4 our creation.

We’re special over a big number of other species, but not all… “Not All”.

Uprightness allows humans to walk while carrying. Thus giving us ideas of ownership. Thumbs allow us to grip and wield tools or weapons. Putting us atop the food chain. Additionally, our complex larynx (tongue) gives us an impressively wide array of sound and syllable capabilities for language, more than any other species. Giving us the ability to grow, adapt, and share ideas at a more rapid pace than any other species. And most importantly, all of these advantages have resulted in our species earning volition aka “free will.” Because now that we no longer (for the most part) only have priority to worry about our next meal, we can turn to more alluring questions and concerns, like our purpose in life. “The Entelechy Key” focuses much of it’s dialogue on the unique circumstances that define the human condition, along with providing insight on how best to make use of our time on earth.

Does we humans are special? | Results

We ask people, “Does we humans are special, what are we doing in this universe?” That was the answer to the question.

Like many other issues, it shares a common opinion on this issue. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.

So do you think we humans are special? What are we doing in this universe?

Do not forget to indicate your answer in the comment!

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