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Emma Roberts humorously celebrated her 30th birthday

Emma Roberts turned 30. On the Instagram account of the American Horror Story star, there was a photo of Roberts holding a pacifier in her teeth.

World famous actress, model and singer Emma Roberts recently turned 30. The star actress, born on February 10, 1991, celebrated her birthday with a joke on Instagram.

“A thirty-year-old child,” she captioned her picture.

On February 6, 2021, he managed to attract attention with his Instagram photo, which he published with the title “She’s back and she’s almost #30”.

When her birthday came a few days later, she shared a photo with a pacifier in her mouth. The description of the picture included “30 baby”.

Emma Roberts fans and colleagues celebrated the star’s anniversary and wished the baby good health.

Last year, due to pregnancy, Emma Roberts did not participate in practically any television project. But soon the star will return to the screens again. She gave the news of this.

Finally Roberts thanked everyone for their well-wishes.

What do people think?

Oh I did that too. Celebrities are just like us.

There is really no escaping those early Mama days… It’s not “pretty” yet somehow it’s absolutely beautiful!

She is an amazing actor!! But damn, she looks about 50 years old! Hope she is resting herself.

Thoughts and prayers…

I love her!

I hope she had a great birthday.

Happy birthday to the Queen!


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