We Asked 100 People

What is your favorite flower?

We ask people: What is your favorite flower?

Flowers are wonders of nature. Although the value of flowers decreases over time with the development of popular culture, they have an important place in our lives. Few people do not like these natural wonders that fascinate our eyes.

Of course, we will not talk about the scientific significance of flowers here. However, it is worth noting that although some of them do not like flowers very much, they are definitely surrounded by flowers at some point in their lives. The flowers are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Of course not only in medicines, but even in our meals! Of course, we cannot end by listing the importance of flowers.

Most people have a flower they love, just like their favorite food or their favorite music. Together with our editors, we randomly asked people of different nationalities what their favorite flower is!

Here are the answers!

Popular favorite flower


38 out of 100 people said “rose” to their favorite flower question.


There are two possible answers that come to mind when talking about the symbol of love:

  1. Heart
  2. Rose

Maybe it’s one of the best ways to show what you love. Of course, roses are not just for gifting to someone. It is frequently used in the food and beverage, perfume and pharmaceutical industries. Roses are also present in almost every aspect of our lives.

Also, they don’t just symbolically represent love. It has been used from mythology to modern religions and even country symbols. It is an indisputable fact that it has a very extensive history symbolically.

Lily flower

16 out of 100 people said “lily” to their favorite flower question.


This flower, which is preferred by people as a potted plant with its wonderful appearance and smell, is in the 2nd place in our favorite list. It is also famous for its durable structure as a potted plant.

There are around 110 plant species belonging to this genus in the lily family. Its medicinal use is very common, especially in Asian countries. It is also used as food in many countries.


8 out of 100 people said “Sunflower” to their favorite flower question.


Although thought to be a different species, the Sunflower belongs to the daisy family. It is widely produced especially for the use of oil. At the same time, its seeds are consumed.

When we asked our question, we’re glad not everyone thought of it as just a gift.

Tulip flower

5 out of 100 people said “Tulip” to their favorite flower question.


In fact, Tulipa is the common name of bulbous, perennial and herbaceous plant species grown as ornamental plants with their beautiful flowers forming the Tulipa genus from the lily family.

The tulip plant, which contains all the colors of the rainbow, is an easy-care and very beautiful flower.


3 out of 100 people said “Cauliflower” to their favorite flower question.


Yes, I was expecting unexpected, different answers when we asked about your favorite flower, but I was even more surprised that this answer made it into the popular list.

Cauliflower Good for health.

Jasmine flower

2 out of 100 people said “Jasmin” to their favorite flower question.


Jasmine flower is known worldwide as Jasminum. Its homeland is the Himalayas. It is extremely easy to grow and maintain. Although it likes sunny and hot weather, it can be grown easily in home and office environments. This flower, which has an intense fragrance, is very popular.


2 out of 100 people said “Daisies” to their favorite flower question.


Daisies are one of the flowers of choice when expressing the cleanest emotions. Each color has a different meaning and different emotion. It is common in medical use all over the world.

Other Favorite Flowers

Other Favorite Flowers

In addition to the popular replies we received, you may want to see other replies that were said only once:

Cotton flower!

White lilacs because of fragrance.




Blueberry flower.

Elephant ear flower.

Flower of scotland.

What is your favorite flower? – Result

Favorite Flowers - Result

We randomly asked people and tried to find the most popular flower.

Roses were chosen as the most popular flower, and based on the answers we got, it made a big difference. Lilies and sunflowers come right after roses. Thus, the most popular flowers were determined.

We observe that people don’t just look at flowers as gift or potted plants. Among the answers we see cauliflower, mango and sunflower.

Now it’s your turn! What is your favorite flower? Don’t forget to mention it in the comments!

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