We Asked 100 People

Favorite philosopher and why?

We Asked 100 People: Favorite philosopher and why?

Hello everyone, this time we are traveling to a philosophical world.

There is no doubt that there are many worthy philosophers. Which one is the best? Okay, this question has been a little misleading. Let’s try it this way: Who is your favorite philosopher?

We already know many philosophers who left their mark in the world. Their passions, wisdom and access to scientific knowledge have and continue to influence all of us and the world.

We asked a question that was easy to ask but difficult to answer. We collected 100 different answers from 100 different people from all over the world. Here are the answers!

Favorite Philosophers

Favorite philosophers

Socrates: the Socratic method dialectic no fixed dogma!

Nietzsche… Nihilism.

Hume… As an empiricist he demolished inductive reasoning, causation and metaphysics… Awoke kant so we have someone we can make memes of.

Aristotle because he was a genius he introduced a form of government called aristocracy he wrote on many subjects like government, literature, indeed he was vast in many fields of study.

Heidegger – Metaphysics of Technology.

Emmanuel Levinas. He was concerned with people’s lives. Showed us a different way of looking at other people.

Marcus Aurelius he’s a good man.

Soren Kierkegaard, He championed the value existence of the individual against the backdrop of universals, represented by the state, religion, corporate and the mob.

Dr. Jose Rizal. He died for his countrymen imitating the way of Jesus to save others.

Bertrand Russell for his aggressive search for knowledge.

Ayn Rand because she makes sense.

Pierce, for him trying to pierce reality.

Plato. Classic.

Charles Sanders Peirce for his response to Cartesian Foundationalism.

Jesus. He has all the keys, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, love to life.

Socrates due to criticised religious elite…

Epicurus because he keeps me happy in my daily life and also inspired Karl Marx.

Socrates. He didn’t write anything down, the only knowledge of his existence is the teachings of his apprentice, Plato, who became known as the father of western civilization. He was arrested for promoting anarchy, and corrupting the youth, for starting arguments with random people to make them question why they did things. He believed there was a false reality, that was like a autopilot that we went through our daily task. And was the reason we go to work, and bought the things we bought, because it was the will of others and not ourselves. They sentenced him to death by drinking poisoned hemlock, it was said that all he had to do was apologize, and the charges would have been dropped, he said he refused to apologize for encouraging people to think for themselves and drank the hemlock.

Plato. One if the greatest thinkers of all time me who influenced philosophy to this day . All of philosophy is rooted in him.

Marcus Aurelius and seneca because of stoicism.

Dr. Cornell West (Harvard professor of public philosophy) is my favorite modern philosopher. This man loves humanity. He believes that “hope” is born out of “despair”, and is greater than despair. He is unafraid to recognize the contributions of white activists in the struggle to alleviate human suffering and to elevate human dignity. His understanding of the utilization and integration the arts, (including athletics as performance art), as a means of debunking the erroneous and oppressive notions of white supremacy, are extraordinary. His grasp of historical perspective gives him a uniquely wise vantage point to examine granular current events in context. Guess you could call me a fan.

Lord Buddha.

Me, Because I can understand my philosophy more easily than others.

Alfred Wegner , he knows no one created the earth. It rather created itself.

Prophet Muhammad.

Aristotle, He Is an all rounder and Plato’s student.

Arthur Schopenhauer! Because of his love for dogs and other things…

From age 15 to 50 it was Bertrand Russell because he thought the right thoughts about the right things. After that is was Siddhartha Gautama for the same reasons, but my understanding was deeper.

You can take my soul, but not my money!

Chidi Anagonye, he’s forking perfect.

Prophet muhammad peace be upon him the greatest philosopher of all.


Descartes… His version of the ontological argument… The Cartesian dualism aka mind body problem… His rules for the direction of the mind… His method of doubt and seeking for truth in the sciences… His rationalism.

Hypatia is. Though I could not find any reliable or academic articles about her own life by her [autobiography], I am still searching, and answering your question, she is my favourite philosopher to dare to think as a woman the fact women across the history [mostly] aren’t engaged with philosophy.

I think Aristotle because he doesn’t depend on ideas only.

Socrates was mislead in some instances, but he definitely had a wonderful mind for his generation.



Jesus, he had much love and wisdom that he taught & shared with all of the peoples.

Emo Phillips. Because he’s Emo Phillips.

Dr Iqbal of Pakistan from my side. Because he was the only Great Muslim scholar of different fields in Asia during 20th century…

Ghani khan, philosopher artist sculpture.

Xtianto, because of his/her observations on that there are more than 12 genders and that it’s racist to be man- 1500 years before now!

Camus because he was optimistic about human nature.

Epictetus. He gave a great guidance for living a meaningful life.

Marcus Aurelius. Because he teaches how don’t waste time thinking about non sense stuff.

Hazrat muhammad (PBUH) and hazrat Ali (AS) they taught wisdom to people.

Francis Bacon. Because of wisdom.

Alive: Sam Harris
Modern: Bertrand Russell
Ancient: Plutarch
Honorable mention: Schopenhauer


Immanuel Kant. One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.

Epictetus. For having lived as a slave for 30+ years and then really take freedom into his own hands to become one of the worlds greatest teachers.

Alain de Botton. Cuz he’s a modern realistic and original thinker.

Pyrrho. Skepticism…

Myself… I lived, I learned…That is all.

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. His books evolved until his philosophy completely disappeared into nothing. There was just Now.

Aristotle, Osho, Nietzsche etc.

Jesus. He is the only one telling the truth. He is truth.

Rone Descartes.

Socrates. His claiming to know nothing changed my entire outlook on life, and I feel is something we have dire need of these days. Also his argumentation method works amazingly well, and as much as I try not to let myself think I’m like him… We do seem to have similar behaviors.

Buddha, because of enlightenment.

Aleister Crowley, obvious reason.

Too many great philosophers. Can’t choose one. It’s like choosing your favorite musician or food dish.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Robert Heinlein.

Me, because I’m.

Are there any? Joking. I guess at least two of them G. E. Moore and G. L. Frege.

Me cuz it is truth.

Plato. You don’t need any reasons with him. If you know what i mean!

Osho, J krishnamurti… Sadhguru nowadays. They radically changed the thinking of society.


Neil Peart.


Chuck Schuldiner.

Aristotle, Realist.

Rene Descartes.

Albert camus. Loved how he was an honest and deeply insightful guy.


Hannah Arendt. More actual than ever.

Diogenes because he could roast anybody lol …

Kierkegaard, his existentialism would be one of the most modern, realistic, and familiar view of the interaction between the truth, world, and its people, for masses, which also might support how modern life should be present. His opponent, Hegel’s view is also true, but there is no consideration about one individual realm. His opinion seems like hope in nihilism, for me.

Achille Mbembe. Because He is african…

Socrates, as Pythia said at Delphi, he could bypass the human behavior downsides, he explained the presence of monotheism, lived hample pritching without getting money.

Kenny Rogers.

Myself because there’s nobody like me.

William Ockham… Razor.

Machiavelli because it’s his philosophy that is most relevant and useful today.

Friedrich Nietzsche, guess why haha?

Immanuel Kant because he identify the limits of consciousness.

Karl Marx. Many philosophers defined the world but he preached how to change it.

Strangely my favorite philosophers are the ones who never wrote anything down. Socrates and Diogenes. the reason i chose this is that both of them practiced philosophy as a lifestyle and in Socrates case was willing to die for truth.

Socrates! Good or bad, there is the reason why something is good or bad– the meaning of bad and good ought to explain in a meaningful way for people to understand.

Alan Watts. He understood what philosophy is and applied it in forms of explanation between eastern and western philosophy. And again didn’t confuse what so many do.

I stand by the father of western philosophers Socrates. He has philosophy that is most relevant and useful today also until

Karl Jung.

Philippa Foot. Virtue ethics.

Friedrich Nietzsche.

Albert Camus. His concept of Absurdism describes life is a meticulous way.

Mao tse tung is outstanding. He was practical look at china today.

Socrates is my favorite and, in my opinion, he is the wisest of all the philosopher because the only thing he knows is that he does not know anything.

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