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How does someone know the reason for their existence?

We ask people: How does someone know the reason for their existence?

Hello, today we’re diving into a philosophical issue. Are you ready?

We have communicated with people from all over the world and asked them to question and tell us why they exist.

Have you ever thought: What is the human purpose for existence and how do you know the reason for your existence? We were very curious and we are sure that good ideas will come out. We got great answers from people.

The best part is that almost all of the people we ask are people of different religious beliefs and nationalities.

Would you like to share your ideas before reviewing the answers? If your answer is yes, click on the message box immediately!

How does someone know the reason for their existence?
How does someone know the reason for their existence?x

Great ideas for understanding the reason for existence!

Great ideas for understanding the reason for existence!

Life: “check this out, we’re alive!!!” Thought: “sure, but why?”


Those who know the reason for their living… Make their own lives… Trace their own paths.. Forge their own destiny… That’s how you know what you live for… If you sit and wait and wander… You will be asking this same questions 20 years from now…

Life doesn’t come with instructions. If you choose to waste your life there is nothing stopping you. You have to give your life a reason, a purpose. Realize no holy man or wise man or rich person is going to save your ass. You need a life plan for success and go after it with utter determination. Failure is not an option. No victim mentality. No whoa is me. Just do it.

By living right through to the end of your life , just be there.

Existence precedes essence. -Sartre

Seeking help of A competent holy teacher or Guru.

You just know and that is the reason.

I think the meaning of life is created by you. You give meaning to your life by your passions.

To worship almighty God.

You don’t know anything a person’s reason for existence is personal. Some people will say to make a family. My reason is to travel and explore and see beautiful things. That’s it.

Only reason to live is to die. All other reasons are subjective.

I think the reason, why we’re here is to experience reality in all possible way coming from a perspective. That we are all one so every experience is being experience by reality so me reality experienceing my self.

Isn’t the reason for our existence the uniqueness of our living planet?

Is to know God, the creator of all things.

When a human engage in a creative process, he doesn’t have other reasons than to express himself. That same logic can apply to God. God create us to Express himself, we are his piece of art.

Let me know.

Reason only for knowing oneself, ie. Own entity the nature God!

Ask your parents why they had you.

If you study the demonstrable information of what ” living being ” is , and how they work , you get the answer to those questions built right into the information component itself.

I think therefore I am Cogito Ergo Sum Descartes.

Your question is assuming that there is meaning to everything.

There was a tree which got shot by a thunder , after few days it again bloomed . As yogis since past said , your reason for existing is to bloom fullest of your capability. Don’t believe in garbage made by human mind as people are illusioned in their fake joys,sadnesses, bitterness . This is what you find when you are detached from own existence & see universe for what actually is. Just bloom!

Someone ‘discovers’ their reason for existence.

Your on your own.


Reason for existence could mean purpose or can also mean why am I here if it’s about purpose then one should dis cover it herself if it’s about the question why am I here then the best way is to do it is thru inner work

Search within for the seat of the soul it’s naturally a throne you then begin to channel if you’re not lucky it becomes the rejection of the kind that transmutable with diets and special armed natural herbs from shaman and indigenous people.

Nothing. The reason for existence is to know at the end there is nothing.

God is.

You don’t know it. You discover and create it.

If you plan for a better world, you can make one.

Live the journey!

Why are you presupposing there is meaning?

This is the purpose of life to find out why.

Life is opportunity and opportunity alone.

Those are the people who are begging to have an airplane fall from the sky landing on them. For all we know our grand purpose is to become fertilizer.

Why should there be a reason?

May parents did something naughty in bed. (Actually maybe it wasn’t in bed!)

No reason is the highest reason. Just like “god’s” reason. A god cannot have a reason for existence. It would mean the reason is above, or before god.

Look in a mirror?

With the intelligence that you evolved to have.

You must explore a great number of things, and you must also be very self aware. Those who are self aware know what they are best at, know what they enjoy most, and find that which compliments their natural abilities most. It requires mindfulness, and deep thought to come to these conclusions. Self awareness is key.

Ask your parents.

My parents planned it and had sex to achieve me.

God. Learn to understand the perception of divine nature and atheism vs theism ceases to exist.

Create one.

There isn’t reason you are just a product of luck and some decisions from other people, do what you want or what you can’t and don’t regret.

Ask the Creator: God

If there’s a reason it has open access, or it doesn’t have such. If it has open access, one must put some efforts to reveal it. If it doesn’t have an open access, one must use science or parascience / magic/ to reveal it.

Evaluation of every aspect of all segments, constituting the very existence , with respect to the benefits to the surrounding , is/ should be called reason for existence.

The journey of living is the very existence of life.

They cannot because there isn’t any… Why should there be.

The information what life is and how life works by studying that answers this.

By knowing.

I just look at my guitar.

You create your own meaning and reason for existence, you were never born with it .

Life has no objective meaning.

Inner voice.

Living, always playing the game until the game is over, and as long as it isn’t over yet, live it, play on plays. To have played a part on that grand stage of life, that is all the meaning I could ever want or need.

When I see ‘The face of the Other’ manifest myself.

In solitude, there’s a divine being who sees the question in our hearts.

By knowing the self.

I occupy space like no one’s business.

It is a heart knowledge not a mind knowledge.

Through experience.

Your parents didn’t use enough protection, same reason as everyone.

You have a Lifetime ahead of you to figure out and come up with the answers to your question posted.

Stop asking for “Subjective” facts! Study the principles, determine your approach, and go find out the truth.

You are reason for others existence.

Just pick one that resonates with who you are right now and that’s it. Then another one and now you have two reasons. You can have as many reasons for existence as you want. Including none.

It’s called belief. It is a powerful thing.

They won’t but they can attribute their own meaning.

Even I wanna know. How?

It is the duty of philosophy, based on its summing up of a people’s cumulative knowledge and experience, to explain this.

Study the Bible.

Prove there is a “reason” for anyone’s existence? The idea that we are here for a purpose only makes sense looking at it from inside our own heads and thinking about our own mortality.

Daily challenges and natural signs and teach to know yourself.

When they can say they created & take ownership & responsibility for that reason.

I think find whatever reason you want. The only way you’ll know is when you know. You can accept whatever level of existence you want to. There are hermits who find reasons and kings who find reasons. I believe we’re alive to live (survive) and prosper relative to your desires and needs.

By not betraying yourself,your intuition guides you to your true self, listen to it more often and more importantly follow yourself instead of following the crowd.

Base on your living.

Keep searching on!

On an objective scale, it’s neurochemicals rewarding you. Subjectively is because it makes you happy.

You don’t. You are insignificant from the very beginning. However, you are given purpose and the ability to exist through nature, choice, those around you, and the universe alone.
I sound like some form of hippie mystic. Not that there is something wrong with that. Just an observation of my own diction.

Ask your parents what the reason is that they decided to have a child. Otherwise, there is no objective “reason” for our existence.

Your gift, what you can solve using your giftings.

Biology is the reason for your existence. Your purpose you either choose for yourself, or allow others to choose it for you.

Your inner soul say everything about u… But u just need attention to hear that…

Our commonality is that no two people see themselves and the world with the same eyes. To answer this question, questions must be asked about who you are, by you -introspection. Once you know yourself, break old habits, create new habits in line with a value system of the person you want to be, it will come to you.

God alone know.

The answer is inside of us all. Humans struggle with error and forgetfulness so unless you go to where you come from then you’re recycled again and have to go through forgetfulness and the resistance of “sin”until you remember where you come from.

Being 100% in the moment puts you at a solar consciousness state. So when your body dies and soul dies instead of the soul going through this cyclic process it instead takes control of the wheel and can go wherever whenever it wants.

If you’re plain Jane or joe you’ll be recycled and your soul will be this empty energy to be thrown back into the Frey once more lmao. Once you achieve 100% mindfulness you give your soul personality hence skipping the recycling process.

I suspect that an individual who reaches solar consciousness while also maintaining a separation of the material plane will return to the source for eternity. Examples, Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad. So when the beginning starts again I suspect the energies that reached 100% mindfulness alongside a separation from the material world will play a role in the cycle of life but it’s going to be a backseat role rather then playing human over and over again.

The people that have reached solar consciousness but wants the next corvette will continue to be on earth but remember where they come from since their soul has been granted personality through there mindfulness state of living. I suspect they’re doomed for eternity cause they are the people that haven’t forgotten where they come from they just don’t care and want to stay connected to earth cause it’s a blast lol.

Then there are the ones that achieve solar consciousness but genuinely struggle letting go. Those people are saved. At the end of the day 90% the population will be saved through just pure retardation. 5% will be doomed cause they said screw where we come from. 4% will achieve solar consciousness and 1% will be sitting at the table plotting with the most high when the cycle starts up again. It’s funny because the strongest life force which in my opinion is a forgetful spirit that hasn’t reached solar consciousness or complete removal from the world yet is viewed as the bottom of the bottom by the higher ups.

I believe that it’s the forgetful spirit that has the most favor of the most which we all come from. From the view point of the most high, its like watching your confused children help prove a point you’re making and they don’t even realize it because they are apart of you and forgot. Which is why the bottom of the bottom forgetful sinful energy is absolutely the most highs favorite creation. The first will be last and last will be first. So to answer your question imagine this thing that has always been there and will always be there.

This thing gets so freaking excited just being that it orgasms. That’s the creation of life. We all come from the same thing and share the same reason of existence. To prove a point about love being the strongest form of existence that will always be and never dissipate. People just get hung up on material life garbage and have to be reminded constantly of the point of existence which is absolute pure love.

How does someone know the reason for their existence? – Result

We ask people: How does someone know the reason for their existence?

It is impossible not to have a different perspective among good ideas. If you want an idea about this topic, I’m sure it helped.

It’s a relative topic … I wanted to write a conclusion, but that’s not possible.

You can express your ideas in the comments!

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