We Asked 100 People

How should a good relationship be?

We asked 100 People: How should a good relationship be?

Hello again! With this content, we reached hundreds of people from different countries and asked what a good relationship should be.

Who wouldn’t want a loving and happy relationship? Everyone wants a happy relationship, but it can be harder than it seems.

Don’t mind what I say difficult. It is actually very easy, but few can do it. I’m telling you the secret, are you ready? To be able to understand and listen to the other person. A little love, of course. These are all you need if you want to have a good relationship.

The responses we received from 100 people showed us that the most important thing is trust and honesty.

Without further ado, let’s see what people are saying!

How a good relationship should be? – All the secrets

How should a good relationship be

Wondering what people around the world offer to build a great relationship? You are in the right place.

Love and respect

Love and respect 1

More than 30 of the 100 responses we received said that the most important conditions for a good relationship are love, affection, and respect.

As a result of our conversation, we can clearly see that love and respect are the most important elements for people in a relationship.

Must contain mutual passion and love.


Like a loveless deal.


Love ve care.


A good relationship must be with love.


True love and devotion and sincerity.


I guess it’s all fake but yes if you’re in a relationship, the love you gotta accept is beautiful.


It should be a good relationship in connection with love and tolerance.


All lovingly.


Love and understanding.


Love, love and love.


Men don’t want anything but a girl’s body until the day before marriage. If you make f

riends without getting married, do not weaken yourself.


Kind, love and affection.


A good relationship people say depends on love. However, it does not depend on the relationship we choose.


Respect and mutual love. Attention is the most important thing.


Kindness and love.


Love and respect.


We can all be flawed and wrong. But tolerance and a lot of love can create a good relationship.




Respect for each other is enough.


A good relationship is where two people fall in love. Communication is key. Good luck!


Loyalty and respect.


Mutual respect and loyalty.


Must be respect first.


Trust each other and be honest

Trust each other and be honest 1

19 out of 100 responses we received said trust and honesty are essential for a good relationship.

I guess no matter how much you love him, there can never be a long-term relationship without trust.

Also, don’t be too sure that you will always be with your lover. I hope you never leave but this thought can help for a longer relationship. Thus, you will see that the value you give to each other increases.

The most important thing to remember is this: If we know that the person we love is temporary, we value him more. The sense of impermanence teaches us to always respect and value the precious things within.

It is very special to any relationship, but I think trust and respect should be two important things.


1st trust.


It should be completely reliable and fun.


Please be his good friend and be honest.


A good relationship should be sincere, trustworthy and loyal.


Trust, respect, love and sex.


Trust and honesty.


Respect , love, care and honest.


Trust is the most important.


Love, affection, trust and honesty.


Honesty and trust.


When you are purposeless and free, honesty should be full of trust and protection.


Understanding and honesty are important, but their limits must be known.




With honesty and faith.


Respect, trust, love.


Any relationship based on trust.


With trust, care and respect.


Trust and loyalty.


Impressive answers

Impressive Answers 1

In addition to the popular responses we received, we have listed the answers that we think are well thought-out and based on experience. Every answer can be an opportunity for your relationship.

Like a close friend in good times and bad times.

They both know how this must be a better relationship.

When 2 people are happy… I think it’s a good relationship.

Everything is based on our mutual understanding.

A good relationship comes from the right person for our personality.

What makes us happy with each other, that’s the foundation of a good relationship.

Sad and happy everything should be shared.

Just keep calm.

A good relationship comes from one’s own. How do you communicate and talk to the people next to you?

Incompatible and unrequited.

Lovers must have more in common than wealth or property.

A good relationship should always swim peacefully in the water, but understand when

it’s wrong.

Some other answers

Some other answers 1

Other responses from our interview were as follows:

Let it make tea.

I do not expect anything from anyone. I don’t care anymore.

Must be unique.

Men don’t mind a good relationship.

I don’t have a very relative answer.


Remember your birth detail.

Not possible within 1 day.

There should be nothing to hide from each other.

This is not an easy question.

Must be approved by god.

Sometimes it’s not enough to give everything.

You have to live to see this.

Believe first.

Share everything with your partner, believe in each other, joke and play with your spouse like children, try to make them happy so many things … Your partners think you are everything…

Listen to women.

No lies just facts.


The expectations are fully met, but using the brain and getting to know yourself is


We must try to be peaceful and happy.

I guess it would be if I knew.

Depends on relationship type.

What does relationship mean?

Both must first be loyal to each other.

Believe each other.

It’s a little hard to say. Different from couple to couple.

Romantic relationship.

It shouldn’t be a toxic relationship.

Don’t you really know?

Full of drama and chaos.

Loyalty between two people.

Respect and destin.

A good relationship should be without lies.

Just be a man.

It must be difficult to reach. Maybe impossible.

Sexual intimacy.

I had no expectations because I had no relationship.

Mutually understandable.

It takes a lot of time to have a good relationship.

How should a good relationship be? – Result

How should a good relationship be 1

42 out of 100 people said that a good relationship requires love, respect, honesty and trust.

It is certain that you need to understand the other person well in order for your relationship to proceed smoothly. It must be your best friend, not just your lover.

Sometimes love and affection may not be enough. If the times you spend together are poor quality, fights are near. Explore your common interests with him. Find ways to have fun together.

Hope your relationship lasts forever!

What do you think a good relationship should be like? Don’t forget to mention it in the comments!

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