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Germany launches new Bible in plain language for youth

Germany decided to modernize the Bible, which is familiar to all Christians. This idea was developed specifically for the Z generation. The plot or meaning in the book has not changed, but it will now be easier for young people to understand.

We Ask People: Translation of the New Bible for the 21st century. What do you think?

Germany has published a translation of the Bible for generation Z adapted to the 21st century language without changing the context and meaning of the Bible.

40 translators from Greek and Hebrew created the “Basic Bible”. Thus, the scripture was made easier to understand for the younger generation.

Explanatory footnotes were placed in the margins of the specially prepared Basic Bible. A modern and meaningful structure was created, especially with short sentences not exceeding 16 words.

The description of the book is actually quite clear:

This is a translation of the Bible for the 21st century.

The study did not only cover simplification of translation. It was also made not for the general majority, but in a language that everyone understands and does not distort its meaning.

1100 people worked on the Basic Bible project. Experts also conducted surveys to find out how well people understood the text.

The Council of the Evangelical Church of Germany has recommended the “Basic Bible” for work in churches. They say that the new translation, in addition to Luther’s Bible, is especially suitable for work with children and young people, as well as for “first acquaintance with the Bible.”

The book was also adapted for mobile devices, and the German Bible Society says the book is also available online and as a free app.

Translation of the New Bible for the 21st century – What do people think?

Translation of the New Bible for the 21st century
Germany launches new Bible in plain language for youth

Germany has published a new Bible for young people in plain language. We asked a few random people among our followers what they thought of this news.

So what do you think about this topic before seeing the answers?
Translation of the Bible for the 21st century - What do people think? What do you think?x

Thats a good news. We can understand easily.

It’s not necessary.

I don’t know anything about Christianity or the Bible. I think they did a good thing.

I have no clue about it. But if something is accessible to more people, there is nothing wrong.

I don’t care truth need not be published, just like a sun does not need a name board that it is a sun, hope you understand.

I’m not quite familiar with the Bible, but isn’t the Bible in plain language? To be honest I think the news is funny. Because at least I saw him in English. Very plain English was used.


I didn’t think anything about it.

I can check and answer. But not without checking.


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