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What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

We asked 100 people: What is the most important lesson life has taught you? Life’s 100 Most Important Lessons.

Throughout our lives, we all experience some bad things that happen to us or bad things to the people around us. These experiences we have are actually lessons that life wants to teach us. It is only our choice whether to take these lessons or not.

In today’s article, we ask 100 people what is the most important lesson life has taught you. We asked about the lessons they learned from life and shared them with you.

Let’s see what lessons people learn from life.

Most popular answer

The most important lesson life has taught us: Do not trust anyone

Do not trust anyone

19 out of 100 say you shouldn’t trust anyone too much.

This answer is the most popular on the list. Frankly, it’s a bit sad.

Life’s 100 Most Important Lessons – All Answers

Life's 100 Most Important Lessons: All Answers

Life’s 100 Most Important Lessons

Never ever trust anyone no matter how intimate or close you are, and no matter what,keep your secret to your self.

Do good and expect nothing in return in that way God will reward you a hundred times.

No one can help you as well as u can help yourself!

Man to man no trust.

That two working hands can achieve more, than a thousands clasped of prayer. That god is not real for me.

No matter how bad things are in your life there is somebody, somewhere worse off!

Never ever depend or trust anyone… But trust in God and your self.

Be ya self and don’t love, fall in wholeheartedly coz one thing can make u nad 2 love again

God’s time is the best. When he says yes, nobody can say no.

Don’t strike first.

Anger can never be the key.

The most important lesson life has taught us: Being yourself.

Always expect the worst from humans.

That when people are stupid correct them and laugh after.

Follow your crush no matter what!

If happiness is around the corner, my life is a circle.

It should be” the lessons”.

Man proposes God disposes.

Don’t let another woman on my tenancy agreement.

Respect trust and truth.

Never lend a loan to anyone. Money is over, friendship is over.

Don’t trust twice.

Happy or sad, it too will pass…

Never stop learning and having learned much, still know shit.

Go with the flow.

This pandemic is the most important and major lesson… To all people in the world!

Only trust God and never believe or trust these lying democrats.

Hang in there.

Have faith!

Not to trust mail in voting process.

Keep your faith in God no matter how hard it gets.

Be humble.

Be very careful when you’re sipping your pants up if you don’t wear underwear.

Stop caring what people think.

Keep your faith in God… No matter how hard life gets amen.

People need friends. It is obvious who is not.

Trust no One salt and sugar have the same color

You only live once follow your dreams to the best you can.

Don’t trust anyone!

Never be ungrateful!

Never take anything for granted and never look down on anyone unless you are helping them out

Do not trust anyone with blind eyes.

Never waste your for those who don’t care for you… Just live your life like you want to.

And also love doesn’t deserve to beg and live for myself because I lived for others in the past and then they hurt me later.

Don’t take life so seriously… just let it go! Every pain Hard feelings, let it go…

Money is important.

Don’t believe anyone.

Don’t get married.

What is the most important lesson life has taught us… A difficult question. Life sucks, then you die. If you are lucky.

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With an empty pocket, you are nothing…

People will do what they want regardless of your advice or suggestions.

Never say things you are not sure about.

If you are good at something don’t do it for free.

When you are in your darkest moment, even your most trusted friends and family can abandon you. You must master how to be self dependence and self sufficient.

Don’t trust people.

Not trust on anyone.

Don’t follow someone you love but accept the one that loves you

Always get a second opinion.

Be careful who you trust.

Dont trust your loved ones, they are the ones who hurt you the most… Stay have a puppy and ride a bike and pick your friends carefully… Best thıng rely on yourself… Because family is a joke.

You can’t trust anyone.

That not everyone is really your friend or family.

Never date jobless lady.

Don’t trust too much.

Every person who shake hands with u eat with u spends time with u and ur friend.

Don’t trust people easily, all I have is now and be myself.

You will never have what you want so bad.

That i can date any girl i want except my crush.

Never trust anyone, anything if you want, do on own self.

Always love yourself and spoil yourself first and dunn love anyone or trust anyone too much.

Never trust anyone except parents.

No need to love someone too much … Because it always hurts oneself.

Life is unfair.

Be careful who you give your heart too.

Smile is precious treasure it.

Accept and move on.

Money is everything.

Love your parents not others.

No condition is permanent.

Don’t trust anyone.

Trust God.

Be strong in all situations.

If you’re dreaming and see a toilet. Don’t use it.

Always rely on yourself.

Love is not meant to be happy… It sucks…

Never love so much to any one that it kills you when she leaves you for other.

To love yourself before you love someone else.

The most important lesson life has taught us: Love is a scam.

The less you care the happier you will be.

To always stay positive and don’t give up on myself because God is in control.

That the facebook friend are not friend they are just like the traveller who talks during their journey and after that their ways separates…?

The most important lesson life has taught us: Trust is gained over time.

Job is more important than anything.

To never stop dreaming. And cold McDonalds French fries suck.

You can ride the red River but never drink from it!

Not to get attached to anyone emotionally.

Don’t take your family for granted because they the only ones that really Care…

Be prepared. When you think you are on the “path” life will give you another one.

Do look back… Go forward even though it hurts.

It is wise not to marry.

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What is the most important lesson life has taught you? – Results

What is the most important lesson life has taught you-result

Life’s 100 Most Important LessonsWe asked 100 people: What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

In our article, you have read the lessons people learn from life. As you can see, most people seem to have learned and learned from their experiences because of the bad things they have gone through.

However, there are some mistakes; Learning from this mistake can take time, even if you repeat it over and over. Any ideas on these errors?

“Why does this always happen to me?” One shaman says in his teaching: “The lesson continues until it learns.”

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