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New type of coronavirus detected in 4 countries after England

Following the new coronavirus cases that started in the UK, the effects of the new virus were detected in the Netherlands, Denmark, Australia and Italy.

We Asked 10 People: A novel coronavirus strain in Australia, Denmark, the Netherlands and Italy. What do you think about that?

According to the news reported by the BBC with reference to the World Health Organization, a new type of coronavirus was discovered in 4 countries immediately after England.

Matt Hancock, head of the UK Ministry of Health, announced a new version of the coronavirus on December 14. According to Matt Hancock, this new type of coronavirus has a faster spreading power than the old version.

New type of coronavirus could spread faster

New type of coronavirus could spread faster
The use of masks is very important.

According to preliminary estimates, the new type of coronavirus could be 70% more contagious than normal. At the same time, there is no reason to believe that this variant of SARS-COV-2 is more dangerous in terms of death or hospitalization or reacts differently to vaccines.

Restrictions and measures are increasing

Restrictions and measures are increasing
Restrictions are for your sake.

Restrictions are coming quickly and are aimed at reducing the spread of the new type of virus in London and southeast England. Other countries are already taking action on measures. For example, air traffic was blocked by Belgium, Italy and Germany until January 6.

What do people think of the new type of coronavirus? | 10 interesting ideas

What do people think of the new type of coronavirus?
We asked 10 people: 10 interesting ideas

Of course, the views of the world people are very important in all these concerns.

New coronavirus was detected in 4 countries after England. So what do people think? We asked 10 random followers around the world for their opinions.

The answers we got from our interview are enough to show that people are confused.

While some think it’s a scam, others think vaccines may no longer be valid.

That’s a new scam to create an urgency for vaccine…

It’s a concern but no need to panic.

This is real news, but working at home will be fun.

I don’t really know. Conditions are getting tough.

There is someone behind all this!

I feel it is not been covered by any vaccine. That’s why Britain is helpless.

Well… I think we need to continue the measures, put on a mask… Wash your hands.

I knew it was discovered in England.

It will come to India too.

I haven’t read much about it but what I have read says it’s more dangerous than the current situation.

In our previous content, we asked if random 100 people from all over the world would get the Covid 19 vaccine. You may be interested in: Will you get Covid 19 vaccine?

For now, that’s all we can say about the new type of coronavirus. Take care of yourself!


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