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The picture of the 20 dollar bill will change in the USA

The US will replace the picture of the 7th president of the USA, Andrew Jackson, on the $ 20 bill, with the picture of anti-slavery activist Harriet Tubman.

The US Treasury Department, led by Joseph Biden, announced that it will change the image of the $ 20 bill.

The photo of seventh President Andrew Jackson, seen as the founder of the Democratic Party and a slave owner, will be removed from the $ 20 bills.

It was stated that the idea of placing the portrait of African-American Harriet Tubman on the $ 20 bill, which advocates social reforms in the country and helps plantation fugitives to move to the USA, was discussed under the presidency of Barack Obama. However, it is claimed that this process slowed down after Donald Trump was elected president and came to power.

This was announced on January 25 by Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary. According to White House spokesperson Jen Psaki, the placement of such people will help reflect the country’s history and diversity.

It is said that the new US President Joe Biden wants to speed up the exchange of the $ 20 bill. Authorities are currently investigating various ways to do this. Therefore, the exact date on which the new banknotes will be put into circulation has not been announced yet.

Changing the image of the 20 dollar bill – What do people think?

Changing the image of the 20 dollar bill

We asked random people. The picture of the $ 20 bill will change in the USA. What do you think about this news?

In the 1840s, a woman named Harriet Tubman frees thousands of slaves from captivity in America. Years later, when asked what was the hardest thing to save slaves; Being able to convince a slave that he is not a slave, she says.

What about Jackson? He’s had years of work, he needs to be promoted and placed in 50th place.

That won’t change the fact that at least 20 known American presidents owned slaves. First, slave-owning presidents must remove all their pictures.

We live in a very promising new age in the United States.

How beautiful. The picture of a pioneer trying to abolish slavery is on the money that makes people slaves. This is very ironic.

Racism has never caught the attention of the US government. Their concern is to reduce social reaction.

We need to get over them. I believe that the misdemeanors belonged to the people of that period, not to the countries or nations. So Americans are not criminals today, they were criminals in the past.

It doesn’t matter if this is a show or not, it’s a good decision.


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