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Survived COVID-19 before her 117th birthday

Sister Andre, the oldest resident of France and Europe, survived the coronavirus just days before her 117th birthday.

Europe’s oldest resident survived COVID-19. The French woman born in 1904 contracted coronavirus on the eve of her 117th birthday. This news appeared in the French newspaper Var-Matin.

Lucile Randon, who tested positive for COVID-19 on January 16, worked at the hospital as a governess in her youth and later became a nun and was named Sister Andre.

On February 8, journalists reported that the French woman had recovered, and also noted that the older woman suffered from the coronavirus without symptoms.

The French woman caught Covid-19 in a nursing home and had almost no symptoms. She said she didn’t even suspect that have covid-19.

A total of 81 of the 88 elderly living in this nursing home were infected with coronavirus. About 10 people died.

Europe’s oldest resident survived COVID-19 | What do people think?

It is considered sacred by God.

I think it has a lot to do with a healthy lifestyle.

Unless vaccinated, it is healthy.

An approximately 117-year-old nun is recovering from Covid-19. This is awesome

I don’t know how true I am saying this. However, it would be unfair for a 117-year-old woman to live while young people who cannot pass her twenties die. It seems that God does not want him in heaven yet.

If she was an atheist, would “Atheist Andre” be written?

I’m starting to believe that God is involved.

Another proof that God is not playing with her children.

Unbelievable. Just as physical resistance isn’t really a matter of age.

Good news for us. A woman who survived the Second World War, epidemics and crises has raised our spirits today.


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