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Why can’t we live on other planets like Mars and Jupiter?

We Ask 100 People: Why can’t we live on other planets like Mars and Jupiter?

Hello to everyone! Today we asked people why we don’t live on Mars and Jupiter, and we tested their knowledge on this topic.

It is a known fact that the most suitable planet for life is Earth. But when some people start questioning life on Earth, they start to wonder why we don’t live on other planets.

Let’s see what people know about why you can’t live on Mars and Jupiter.

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Why can't we live on other planets like Mars and Jupiter? - All answers

Mars is the telluric planet, Jupiter is the gas giant. You can’t compare them.

We can’t live in other planets for many reasons.
Jupiter: Jupiter is a gas giant. It has no solid surface. Its full of toxic and dangerous gases. You won’t be able to live 1 second in jupiter. There is no living resources. So Jupiter can’t be our living planet.

Mars: Mars is our neighbor planet. It is same to earth in many sides but not fully. Mars is the target of Nasa, Space X, ISRO and many other space agency. We need habitual atmosphere to live. Mars’s atmosphere is like earth but it’s gravity is different. We have a risk. Our bones can be broke by its gravity. Other important thing water can be exist in mars.

Scientist predict that water are in solid form which is stored in north and south pole of mars. Its difficult to melt is. Now they are trying what can they do.

Simple… Human belongs on Earth…

No oxygen, water, food and shelter. But space x company trying to send humans upto 2024 on mars.

You may not be able to live there, but you can die and stay there.

Jupiter has no hard surface… It’s a gas giant… You’d just get pulled into the center and burn upl.

Earth is designed(created) as we can live here by the God.

Earth provides us all sources required for a living life and scientists believe that none other planet can provide all resources.

Because you wouldn’t love to die by suffocation… That’s why.

Mars cold Venus hot closest to us mars create atmosphere Venus get minerals.

To much oxygen.

Because of many reasons. Our life requirements doesn’t match the conditions up there. Atmospheric conditions don’t even support human life… But this is how we have concluded so far.

Mars don’t have water and air and jupiter too.

Because no water, oxygen and tree.

Because there are no gravity and weather conditions and elements to be produced.

With Jupiter the gravity is to much and the atmosphere is unlivable. With Mars there is no real atmosphere. Venus, it’s atmosphere and temperature.

Because we are not worthy enough to live those planets.They require higher levels of the person.

No water.

No land in Jupiter.

We can’t live in Jupiter because it’s too hot. Jupiter is like a sun.

Jupiter is a gas planet but I don’t understand why we don’t travel to other planets and make them livable. I guess the only reason is it will take 40 years just to get to mars let alone other farther planets In that time you might as well make the ship your own planet.

Cause they are pollution free and they won’t let us to create that there.

Why can’t we live on other planets like Mars and Jupiter: No technology.

Because the land there is not as good as the soil.

These human on earth are not highly advanced in science and I’m not highly educated. Something we have University and we have technology like the rocket going to the Mars that’s not what I’m talkin about. I’m talking about star people . They have extraterrestrial technology like the Flying Saucer then we could go live with them in Jupiter otherwise we stuck with half education. Millions populations are dumb like me.

In mars there’s no oxygen and also water in jupiter it’s full of gas, gas that can damage your body if we somehow inhale it. correct me if I’m wrong.

You like to breathe oxygen, and have water too, don’t you?

Because we had our own and also that planets don’t deserve to be ruined by human as what we did on earth.

About what we need to survive; like oxygen, water, food… and if you go forward; gravity, non-emission /radiation area etc…

Because your created knows best.

Other planet has a porpuse. Not to lived but to maintain the distance of each other to the sun. They pull each other to maintain away from the sun. Not to be a life shelter. Everything in the universe has a porpuse that’s the man’s did’nt know.

The planets, star , sun, galaxies, block hole all of that has a porpuse and related to each ather. Not to prove or to give you an idea about stupidity like extra triestrial fullishness.

My point is all this things are created for HUMANITY. Thats how GOD love’s you.

Because there’s no oxygen in other planets.

There’s no problem in living on other planets except breathing problems, radiation, financial problems and food crisis.

Human being we’re not created to live there. We are only made for Earth Alone.

We don’t money and more technology today transport all human there.

Because there’s no oxygen, no water as on the earth.

We can’t live on those planets because they don’t support life.

Because Snow White and the 7 dwarfs equals 8 multiplied by goldilocks and the 3 bears equals.

We could live on Mars inside habitats or domes of some kind. But we will never live on Jupiter because it is just a huge ball of gas. There is no solid rocky surface to land on.

Because there is no internet on these planets.

Good question listen, our earth is a rocky planet which has h2o, o2 or more important gas but jupiter jas some different dangerous gas like co2,monoxide, etc and our earth after 1000 years later change in mars for us.

Those planets are not in habitable zone like are world we’re just in the right distance from are star to sustain life.

Like, to much of oxygen stops you from breathing.

We did in past lives.

You may be interested in:

We lived on them in our past lives research.

Simple. It because other planet can’t live in us.

Let’s step on

Why can’t we live on other planets like Mars and Jupiter? I guess this question is for scientists.

Light years away! Oxygen? Water? Food? Freezing temperatures? Burning temperatures?

However scientists are colonizing Mars. Slowly but surely. We won’t see it in our lifetime but, it is happening.

Radiation, no water, no ozone layer, too cold, and they can’t support life.

Main reason no oxygen.

We can’t live in the middle of The Sahara because its 50c … the NP because it falls to – 50c. Mars drops to -70 on summer nights…can/can’t, who cares … bloody won’t and don’t want to! Why would anybody want to? Seriously … it’s all speculative horseshit.

There is radiation.

This is the only planet, plants can grow.

Lack of ventilation and there is more hot about 800° in Jupiter daz.

In the whole universe god only created life here on earth. We not supposed to reach for the heavens. That is why he destroyed the tower of babylon.

Jupiter is made out of gas.

Mars has no atmosphere to breathe… Jupiter is a gas giant with no ground… The pressure is to to incredible.

Because there are no facilities like oxygen and water etc. … And those planet’s temperature is not comfortable to live…

Why can’t we live on other planets like Mars and Jupiter? Because not suitable for life.

There is no oxygen how are we supposed to live there?

Jupiter is gas.

Because planet earth is the best place.

‘Cause our species evolved in planet earth’s biosphere —bi-o-sphere. Noun The regions of the surface, atmosphere, and hydrosphere of the earth (or analogous parts of other planets) occupied by living organisms.—

And we don’t know if other planets even have a biosphere, much less one that the earthly human life-form can tolerate and make use of.

Atmosphere ain’t suitable for humans.

Bcz martians and jupitarians do not allow us.

U go once and then tell us about it we will sure go.

Jupiter has no solid surface, it’s mostly made out of gas. But its moons are promising. Europa might even have life underneath the icy surface.

Mars – we are totally going there and starting a colony, it’s just a matter of time.

We are designed to live on this planet.

Earth has air & water. The others don’t.

You can actually. Let me teach you then, I’m just waiting for Donald Trump to build that university for Adults as an offering.

Can we breathe in air of helium? (Jupiter) Can we stay without oxygen? (Mars).

There are multiple reasons, on mars there is extreme amounts of radiation the nights drop below -100 degrees Fahrenheit, there is no oxygen it mostly carbon dioxide and the weather is extremely unpredictable.

Jupiter has a similar story but also has extreme gravity due to its size that would crush u, and its considered a gas giant meaning that it may not have a solid surface.

U can’t land on jupiter.

Jupiter is full of helium.

I examined too the one days of earth it count from dawn sunrise 5 am and sunset to night 6 pm that’s a standard counting of whole days „Mars was 4 x big than earth and Jupiter 8 x ,so if we compare and counts the days and the cycle of Mars start from his revolving normal like earth has 14 hours day passing„ the Mars has a days an hour of 4x 14 =56 hours in per day that’s a a longer days to work or we’ll be all getting tired and weak or fainted, and night also takes a long stand how many rounds if its get time of bed enjoying.

Mars one-day… We need better technology. Jupiter never.

Why you lived in mars? NASA tried to send there a temporary spaceship that there is no human in there and they trying to land in mars and then suddenly explodes the spaceship.

Why can live on Mars by terraforming it to our extent

Mars and jupiter are dıfferent from earth.

Look it up u see why!

Try to live to the said planets to answer your question.

No place like earth.

Very simple. We have a 24 hours per day metabolism. We cannot survive in another different day zone environment. Thats why I laugh when people talk of having a colony on Mars. The former inhabitants could not survive there for long.

Try to float inside a gas giant and die.

We can’t land on it.

Mars is so like a desert.

Our Chevy’s won’t make it that far.

Cuz i don’t have enough money to go there.

Aliens are living and hiding there, and every astronomical worldwide explorers didn’t know, and see it whole planet side, their robots assign to record and travel at the field had not yet fully explain of true oxygen, freshwater that could humans live there undanger.

Because they’re miles away and house prices are ridiculous there.

Well jupiter is a gas giant…

1- Jupiter don’t have solid surface. Gas giant.
2- Strom’s.
3- High gravity
4- Temperature.

Fun fact Jupiter’s big red spot is a hurricane that’s been going on hundreds of years and it’s the size of about 4 earth’s

The thin Martian atmosphere, harsh climate and other factors would make the Red Planet to be a tough place for Martian explorers to live, but it could be possible.

There’s no oxygen and have a high radiation and there’s no water/there have water but it’s going ice,and also doesn’t have any plant or plant didn’t .

Some organ life can’t stand its conditions.

They are occupied by unfallen beings.

Cuz there are no oxygen on mars.

Without oxygen there is no life.

Too far from the sun, I think there’s no water on jupiter or mars, the atmosphere is not the same on our earth, doesn’t support life.

We are designed for life on earth. We can’t survive anywhere else without an artificial environment, if at all.

I think Jupiter is made out of gases. And idt we there are scientific studies we can yet live on mars.
Feel free to correct me.

Why can’t we live on other planets like Mars and Jupiter? – Results

Why can't we live on other planets like Mars and Jupiter? - Results

Why can’t we live on other planets like Mars and Jupiter? We ask. Such were the answers to the question.

As you can see in our article, most of the 100 people we asked our question gave very effective and valid information.

According to research, the reason why there is no life on Mars is because the planet does not have a significant magnetic field and an atmosphere to hold heat.

The reason why there is no life on Jupiter; The temperature, pressure, and materials that make up the planet on this planet are too hard and variable for organisms to adapt.

Do not forget to include your opinion on this information in the comment!

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