We Asked 100 People

How can we create a new foundation for eradicating poverty?

We asked 100 people: How can we create a new foundation for eradicating poverty?

The eradication of poverty in all its forms continues to be the greatest challenge facing humanity today. However, poverty in the world has not decreased, it has increased until now. It even rose to frightening proportions.

It is extremely important to eradicate poverty everywhere and for all. So what can be done to eradicate poverty?

We asked 100 people! Here are the answers.

What can be done to eradicate poverty? We Ask People

What can be done to eradicate poverty

The Davos bois are onto it pronto so don’t worry. In a few years time you’ll own nothing and guess what? You’ll be happy!

The question is too wide and general.

Replace the value as for it to correspond with that of it. Put it in the human spirit and ingenuity.

We need a monetary system that’s not designed to make money artificially flow uphill. Our system literally takes from the poor to give to the rich, through inflation and “investment” earnings, simply because it was designed that way. Honest money and public credit managed by the individual States would go a long way towards stopping this.

You could certainly reduce it greatly by limiting upper personal earnings and redistributing those to a UBI scheme and social support programmes.

Begin with extending your circle of care and compassion to include all living things within it.

Make a global policy that every citizen on Earth is entitled to shelter, food, water and energy.

You can’t eliminate poverty. There will always be people on the bottom rung economically no matter what you do. Poverty guidelines just change as we become more wealthy overall.

There is nothing like poverty in this planet Earth! Establish the justice system in stricto sensu… Your Each and every malaise including poverty will vanish!

Poverty is man made not by nature.

Get rid of Old Age Concept belief.

Eradicate hate. With love, literally anything is possible. It’s the only emotion that we feel at our best and highest self, when we’re being honest with ourself and doing everything we can to make ourselves better, in order to then make the world better. Remove anger and hate, replace it with love and joy. That’s a utopian society.

By curbing Human Development Index.

Eradicate currency or start a business savvy communism.

Just organise a trip back in BCs. This modern life is selfish.

The planet is spiritually ascending. Poverty will be eradicated. Everyone will have health care. But as Mother Theresa said, the poor can’t wait.

Population control.

We must share the same vision/idea. So what is the vision/idea? For Everyone to be happy? Its a very easy thing to do… For each individual to reach that place,but very complex and fragile at the same time. Alot of people are going to have to change their lifestyles,but they must want to I do believe that each humans natural state is happiness,unfortunately due to our actions there are alot of sick people in the world; wonder if they can ever be happy, maybe…

Remove the need for currency, and provide food openly through vegetation in abundance in pubic areas. Remove private lands, remove costs for hunting and fishing, remove industry and go back to an older way of life. Where everyone works together for everyone to survive.

By creating poverty eradication governance.

No one is allowed to earn more than one billion dollars.

Dismantle private property?

Get rid of the Republican party…

When we as a culture get a little flexible about private property, not to eliminate it, then things will get better. Personal property should be sacrosanct. Amazon or Google can’t be the sole “property” of just one person or just the share holders. Workers are pushing those big concerns forward also; they should get a share of the ownership. Society as a whole should also. But I don’t have a clue how that would work.

People need to be kind to others. It works better when you know them all. So big cities are a serious problem.

The wealthy or rich governments must help to reduce poverty in the world. No one can eradicate poverty in the world because God made the universe past of God plan and purpose as the way of trial to both parties the poor and the rich.

We have to follow the nature.

You have to actually want to eradicate it. That’s a good start. There’s no such thing as a broken system. The system functions like it was designed to. If I was able to implement my plan for society homelessness would be virtually non existent.

By revolution or dead war against the rich.

Have you forgot people are doing everything in their power to replace people with robots? We’re trying to give poverty a pat on the back and a shove in the ditch.

Historically speaking the only thing that ever came close to eradicating poverty is the free market economy until governments tarted the so-called, utterly failed, war on poverty. Capitalism has still brought down the poverty level to the lowest ever, has built the largest and richest middle class ever and the largest and richest economies ever.

Poverty is part of wealth for some. Just as waking up every sunrise in pursuit of your dream. No all of us are willing to do that, not even educational programming allows that.
All what matters is the pace at which those dreams become reality. If one dream or empire makes it, that’s employment (assist in living a dream of an individual) for over hundred people for instance.
An 8 – 17:00 job under Labour Laws will never make someone rich. Instead it makes the rich even richer.

There is no an equal status at any given society historically but an abject poverty does not settle utterly and could be improved when an ideal society works hands in hand.

Eliminate or reduce? Poverty can’t be eliminated.

Build a society that is in balance and harmony with the elements base currency on time & kindness and if everybody worked only half the time there would be enough work for everyone without over use of our natural resources we could also start choosing products & services that matter or make a difference rather than companies that don’t care about the people the town or the planet.

That’s easy. Eliminate oligarchies.

Religion needs to be a private and personal matter separate from state interference so long as religion does not interfere with the states citizen.

We should have a strong middle class.

Retool the world. Rebuilding is so last evolution.

Islam gives the solution by paying zakat. But y’all not ready to accept it.

You can’t if it could have been by now don’t you think it would have there is always an ebb and flow of the universe so we might get close but it will never be completely gone.

From the ground up. On the bones of the rich.

Any foundation built is of not much use, unless people follow the norms suggested by a foundation.

Poverty isn’t about financial deprivation to begin with, its a mind set and environmental behavioural patterns.

Forget trying to convince anyone, get rich and solve it first hand directly.

We need more land access. There should be a limit on how much someone can own. Maybe give everyone born an acre (or whatever amount).

Poverty is not starving to death. That is what the 1% would love you to believe.
Poverty is being denied what your society is capable of providing, for most of its citizens!

I live in poverty. Please leave me alone.

When the rich get taxed the same percentage of what they earn as the rest of us do, money collected can be better spent. On schools and health care. Give everyone a fair shake.

Certain things should be free for everybody. Then if you want to have more, cut your expenses.

Better educational opportunities for all. A basic wage for everyone, that is earned in some manner. Universal healthcare. A flat 10% tax for everyone.

No breaks for the rich or corporations, make schools and medicine free. Living wage. Charge more for landfill space. Don’t allow corporations to pollute our natural resources.

Eliminate corrupt government.

People can increase their income by cutting down on their expenses. Don’t expect anything from above…Govt or Gods.

I think that we collect same percentages from every person and divide them evenly.

Idealistic answers here. China eliminated extreme poverty in 2020 through strong centralised planning, funding, the ability to foster trust in rural groups, and agencies sent to care for families and societies which treated the very different causes of poverty differently and approached different causes of poverty with different solutions. There’s no one way to eradicate poverty because there’s no one reason people are impoverished. In some circumstances China gave families a cow each, they were able to sell milk and sell offspring. This helped some communities enormously.

Get rid of the capitalist system. It creates inequality, crazy elites as horrible homelessness.

Eliminate money and property and possession mentality.

Do away with governments and borders and religions entirely, these are the things that give people the power to oppress others.

Education for Everyone remembering that Teachers open doors but it’s up to the student to enter.

So try to build a new system which is mixed economy.

Tax the ultra rich and redistribute. On world-level.

You can not have a system that is either 100% capitalism or 100% socialism. You need a system of wealth generation that has a safety net ready to help people start over if they decide to take growth chances.

Stop creating it with handouts they are people able to hunt fish garden and the big screw you (fucking get off your lazy oh poor me you owe me ass) tell the looters no more earn your own way a lot of people are parasites if you let them.

Poverty is relative and is just statistic. You don’t eliminate poverty, the only way to get rid of “poverty” is to have everyone having the same money, and even then people will waste it all and be in “poverty” again.

It’s not going to happen without a basic knowledge of Marx, or at least the understanding that human societies are divided into rich and poor.

Make these billion dollar corporations pay the people that actually do the work their fair share. It’s always the rich get richer and the poor stay poor the way it is now.

We must begin the process of building socialism within every nation pragmatically and with respects to the material conditions present within the nations we chose to adopt Marxism with. The first goal in mind ought to poverty elimination via the building up of our productive forces.

Incentives. Right now the competitive system provides incentive for someone to have more and get higher up than the competition. As a result the whole system is top heavy. Make it an incentive that the stronger the base, the better standard of living for the lowest denominator, then that needs to be an apparent advantage to everyone all the way up the system.

We can’t alleviate poverty by giving money to the people.

A guaranteed minimum wage whether you are working or not.

Without poverty there can be no wealthy. From my experience generally the happiest people are not the wealthy or the poor they are the middle class. Be thankful if you are in the middle.

Get back to the basic Capitalism 101! Eliminate the ‘collective” system of Economics With less regulations, and more Individual Liberty!

The only way you can stop poverty is by causing the human race to become extinct.

So long as there’s scarcity, there’s poverty.

Tax the shit out of the wealthy.

I would tell you exactly how, but I would get attacked by hundreds of followers here.

By getting it in our heads that the world has enough for everyone’s need but not everyone’s greed.

It’s part of destiny Not too far away.

You can’t eradicate poverty.

Necessary first step; eliminate everyone’s freedoms.

By becoming rich in thoughts and by leaning to be happy with or without riches.

If a society destroyed all drags on itself then that would be a temporary solution as new drags were being born and what a hell of a world it would be.

Greed cause of mans greed – Once a man has power and wealth – he’ll do anything to keep itg born and what a hell of a world it would be.

Poverty will never be eradicated and these new age socialist ideas are not going to help.

No age has technologically equipped people with the diverse paraphernalia ,tools and gadgets for wealth creation in a fantastic world of digital and fourth wave dispensation than this very age. Even the simplest act of creating coding academies or web design and apps development institutes in each city could ultimately create several dozens of millionaires.

The world will never eradicate poverty. Humans are driven by disparity and market abused economy.

Voluntary vasectomies should be rewarded for starters. World wide. Fewer children could yield smaller class sizes and better educational success. Successful learning = better chance of defeating poverty.

Had you seen the movie ” Oliver” stars the cute Mark Lester… population was way too low and yet the seed of poverty was very strong.
So what do you you expect with the global population of 7.7 billion and growing every two minutes globally .

Well with the progress of mechanization in 30 years there won’t be any jobs. That’s a problem for poverty.

What about Eugenics? Stop the breeding of the unfit Not race, religion, or creed, but physical capability and genetic potential?

You can’t eradicate poverty. Welfare or any universal basic income will not solve this. Because it also involves money. You also can’t just tell billioniares to just give their money away, because they too don’t have unlimited money.
Eradicating poverty is a naive wish of people. What’s real is that you CAN get out of poverty if you want, and it all involves going out of a comfort zone.
Now, for people who can’t work due to unfavorable situations or medical reasons, then we can extend welfare to them. It is a small portion of poverty stricken people of the world.

Poverty is a relative term…I hope you are not referring to money. Work on ethics, morality and humanity, there is no need to work on foundation, people will find optimal ways for their circumstances and environment if you explain benefits to them and lift restrictions in economy, politics and religion. This is a good time…

End capitalism…

Knowledge. My people perish because of lack of knowledge.

Poverty can’t be eradicated.

Take yourself to mars.

Mankind is certainly doomed if cannot have a job and some security.

By you giving all your money to the poor.

I think first step is to introduce world minimum wage. Second is put foreign aid into hands of trusted charities not corrupt governments.

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