We Asked 100 People

What interests you in the opposite sex?

We asked 100 people: What interests you in the opposite sex?

Hello to everyone! Again today we asked random people from all over the world for you.

How is your relationship with the opposite sex? Whatever your answer is, your feelings towards the opposite sex have a reason. These reasons can always vary from person to person, but we humans can make decisions about our feelings towards the other person within seconds.

I say it in seconds because we actually make a certain decision at first sight. Some men look at the lips and knees, while some women analyze according to dressing and behavior. Believe me, this analysis is completed in a few seconds.

So what do people of the opposite sex look at first? We asked 100 people: What concerns you of the opposite sex?

Answers from the girls

Answers from the girls
What interests you in the opposite sex

Depends… to say the least… a very specific mixture of qualities…. personality, a certain disregard for for showing the amounts he feels toward most things, including her own physical aspects, basically his choices.


Intelligence and personality.

Can make me laugh.

Nice ,pearly whites teeth.


Definitely her mind…

Just cuteness.




Their IQ and sense of humour.

Gorgeous eyes being funny never ignoring me.


I like the same sex so I don’t have too much to say.


Smile, eyes.

Feeling the credibility.



Sense of humor and talent more if he plays guitar


Intelligence, assertiveness and well grounded. It also counts if he is older, thin and very dark skinned.

What interests you in the opposite sex… Hmm… Their bodies.

So many things have to be there. First she has to catch my eye.. than chemistry. So much more.

The way he talks and behaves.

When they really love you

The companionship

His charm and just being herself.


Loyalty and love unconditionally.



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Answers from guys

Answers from guys
What interests you in the opposite sex


Being a real female.


Sense of humour.





Personality and figure.

World of fantasy.


Lips and other things.

Kindness Of Their Heart.

None. Am gay.

Looking at the natural curve in her body.


Nice teeth, not the ones in a cup.

Lips & hips.


Loving heart and soul and beautiful eyes…


Ability to take care of my home and daughter while I make the bacon.

Sometimes, it’s the beauty, and sometimes it’s the smarts, but only once in a while it’s because she is sexy as hell.

What interests you in the opposite sex… Hmm… Curves.

Their legs.

Lips for sure.

Where they put their legs.

Good looking older woman. I love them in every way.

There nothing like a women heart.

Meeting of the minds.



Smile, body. Definitely eyes. More importantly though the vibe around that person.

Being honest is a good start.

Feminine nature and thoughts.

Personality and the way she carries herself.


A woman’s soft laugh.


Sounds mental to some but I love the company and being affectionate.

Their humbleness, caregiving abilities, good cooking skills, beautification, and loyalty till last breath.

Her pose and smile

Not complaining about everything.

Her neck, eyes, lips, and smile.

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What interests you in the opposite sex? – RESULTS

What interests you in the opposite sex - RESULTS

We asked 100 people: What interests you in the opposite sex?

We asked many people what interests you in the opposite sex question. These were the answers we gathered from various countries and age groups.

If you look at the answers, you may notice that almost each one is different. This could be proof that every person loves different things.

Frankly, we can say that most people like mature and intelligent people, although it is not possible to make much inference about the subject.

Your turn! What interests you in the opposite sex?

Don’t forget to mention your opinion in the comments!

We Asked 100 People

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