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What is happiness? How to reach the limit of happiness?

We Ask People: What is happiness? How to reach the limit of happiness?

Hello to everyone! Today we are talking about happiness.

What do you think about happiness? I think happiness is the main purpose of life. Almost everything we do in our life consists of steps taken to be happy.

Who doesn’t want a happy life?

Eating, having fun, traveling or worshiping. No matter what we do, we even do these seemingly simple things to be happy. There are many things we do, willingly or unknowingly, for happiness.

So what do you think happiness? What is the limit to being happy?

We asked people from all over the world. Here are the answers!

Definition of Happiness and the Limit of Happiness | What do people think?

Definition of Happiness and the Limit of Happiness

When happiness and sadness can’t be defined anymore.

There is no limitation in happiness bro, why because happiness base on needs and no one say he/she satisfied.

Peace of mind.

Happiness is in giving.

You can have absolute happiness when you give up everything as well as every desire . Desire is the cause of sorrow. That is Indian philosophy.

There is no limit to happiness. Yourself is your limit. If you decide, “oh this is where I’m happy” then good for you.

Happiness is a state of health that permeates all aspects of a person’s life and allows that person to feel a myriad of appropriate feelings in response to their state of being.

Happiness is a total satisfaction of joy… And joy is a merit of accomplishment… Accomplishments are the products of success. It can be reached in a highest limit of happiness when it be shared.

He reaches the euphoria.

Happiness is an emotional experience that gives an elated feeling of joy. Generally people base their happiness on sensual, emotional, intellectual, materialistic pursuits of the world. Happiness derived from worldly experiences are mostly short lived. It arises out of the contact of the individual with the world of objects, beings and experiences based on personal likes & dislikes, and desires of the mind. In the long run worldly happiness may lead to sufferings.
What is real happiness? Sir Arthur Schopenhauer, a German Philosophers who had done extensive research on Vedanta Philosophy says that “It is difficult to find happiness within oneself, but it is impossible to find it anywhere else.”

Happiness is a state of mental equilibrium. There is no limit to it.

Try having sex with a beautiful human.

What then is the highest limit of happiness?

No, I think a person can always get happier, just like things can get worse.

How do you measure: Levels of happiness?

Happiness is harmony, peace, serenity, silence ,contentment, acceptance, and a smile on the face at all times. When he sees all as himself.

As a Man,Happiness for me is when you are Financially stable and can afford whatever your mind wants.
That is when you are truly happy as a Man.

Satisfaction derived from contentment.

The same true for the masculine and feminine. To seek the orgasmic.

There is no limit of happiness. Emotions are abstract. Everyone experiences of emotions are different, and cannot truly be measured.

What is highest limit?

Self actualization.

Happiness is an emotional state characterised by euphoria.

Human need is insatiable ,so also happiness,there is no saturation level(my opinion).

It’s limitless to the point even where the majority. Not knowing what else to do… Begin to tamper with their naturally endowed genders, as if nature must now succumb to the tune of a mere human being!


Happiness comes from loving what you’ve done and what you can do today.

No one reach the heights… Or didn’t satisfy.

Happiness would lose the meaning if happy not balance sadness. When you reaching the highest level of happiness you can help others achieve there.

Peace. Peace is happiness. But what is you happiness derived from? A moment? A minute? A day? A week? An activity? A thought? Will it matter in the end? Will all of it cease to be? No. Happiness is knowing that there is something after this. Knowing that life continues and that this isn’t it. Having peace that there is a plan.

How does that man know it is highest happiness.

There are two types of happiness, materialistic happiness and inner happiness. Inner happiness gives stability of Mind.

Keep the feeling and quiet the mouth.

Happiness is a state of mind. It is inside you! Happiness is in you not out you…
Feel it from inside… Just feel it… C’mon buddy feel it.

Happiness doesn’t exist in my own world.

When a man gets bored of some kind of happiness and seeks immediate detachment from that,know that he has reached the peak.

Self actualization (and of loved ones).

When all the Goods in your life are closest to their optimum level.

Make happy others that is happiness.

Happiness then becomes everything.

He reaches Euphoria.

Well shoot how can you hit in happiness besides rolling a bowl and forgetting all your failers and fault and problems?

That question depends entirely on what you think happiness is.

Happiness is you don’t need anything except basic needs. contentment and you believe now is enough. Happiness is appreciating things you have not focusing on your luck.

What you seek is joy. Holding on to happiness is fleeting. Joy is moving on with a smile on your face ready for the next challenge in life, they won’t all be happy. Acceptance, you can’t be truly happy if you can’t truly receive the things that bring happiness. When in loathing, sometimes all I can do is smile, and receive the gift of life and the joy to be apart of it.

Pleasent emotion and pleasent feeling that provides joy is happiness. Something that must gives relief to our senses one way or another. The highest happiness for me is impossible. Man suffers; and as a result, he gets a gape when suffering is removed. This gape where suffering is removed would be filled by happiness. Man is between suffering and happiness, therefore, he feels both. Suffering comes because happiness exists, and happiness exists, hence, suffering comes.

Happiness is what you achieve after desiring it and then you struggle to get and really get it. Then you experience self satisfaction. And the highest happiness is attained when you achieve something after a long battle. It’s when you say wow! That’s it!

Sadness is the limit of happiness.

How is this even a question to measure. Happiness is not a constant state. It’s life what we live. To then what. Life my dear is fn roller coaster so enjoy the ride.

The question is speculative so the answers you receive will also be far from truth… For the simple reason that so long as the me as the experiencer exists, happiness cannot be and will remain a myth, a rainbow to chase… The me has to be absent for happiness to be… The moment you say you are happy , you are no longer so… The me is absent only in the present moment and as children will show us, joy exists there…

Sufferings and pain and more pain..because ..” pain is an extension of pleasure”.. like the warm water is pleasure and boiling water is agony.

The highest form of happiness cannot be experienced in this life and few will experience it after this life.

Achieving happiness without trying (detachment)… Doing what you love… surrounded by people you love… Living in a place you love.

Theoretical opposite of sadness. A series of endorphins entering your brain. I think it depends heavily on the man where his pinnacle would lie, but sadly the truth is that some man made drug would likely get most men there faster probably mdma but thats just science and it’s not guaranteed to trigger oxytocin.

How do u know a man has reached highest level?

Happiness knows no limits.

Thought is the response of the accumulated experience as memory, that thought is limited because knowledge is limited. To have an insight into it, which means that you are observing without memory and from that insight you act and that action is logical.

Define highest limit. Define happiness? For everyone can mean something different.

Contentment, serenity… Permanent and natural smile.

When you melt into the Ocean of Infinite Bliss, then you have reached the Highest “level” of happiness.

Happiness is whatever makes you happy!! It’s therefore relative. What makes me happy may not make you happy.

The world view changes and you see with new eyes all good possibilities…

How do u know that u have reached the limits of happiness.

He chases that high with increasing amounts of substances. This is turn, destroys his life.


Joy, to make others happy.

Inner Peace.

We Ask People: What is happiness? How to reach the limit of happiness?

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