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What is holding the sky from falling?

We Ask People: If the law of gravity is true, then what is holding the sky from falling?

Hello to everyone! We talked to our editors and we said: If the law of gravity is correct, what keeps the sky from falling?

Okay, okay, we couldn’t find this question. Still an interesting question. We took the question from one of our followers and asked people. At least creative!

Let’s go to the answers!

All answers: What keeps the sky from falling?

If the law of gravity is true, then what is holding the sky from falling

Is probably too far away from the gravity pull.

Density. At sea level atmospheric pressure is much greater after than above sea level.

That question is not even worth of a response.

Duct tape.


The sky was actually the atmosphere which reflect the light from Sun.


Cloud is a form of a gas it is less dense than air so it floats.

The “sky” is the result of the sun rays hitting our atmosphere.

Your physics is weak.

It does! You’re in the sky that has been pulled to earth.

Rivets that’s you see at night.

Go back to 3rd grade and find out.

Search on Google, Google’ll know the answer.

Scotch tape.

The posts on the edges of the earth.

You know there is no sky that’s illusion.

Because clouds generally form, survive and grow in air that is moving upward. Rising air expands as the pressure on it decreases and that expansion to thinner, high-altitude air causes cooling. Enough cooling eventually make water vapor condense, which contributes to the survival and growth of the clouds.

The sky is an empty space it wont fall. The moon, the planets and the sun won’t fall either, as they are held by their neighbors gravity.

Are you asking a question or you don’t believe to the law of gravity?

The sky is not like the roof of a house… The universe is the sky.

Sky? You mean the clouds? You don’t know how gravity works.

First please explain term sky.

There is nothing as sky.

Same thing that stops the earth crust from falling to the core. It’s less dense. Less mass.

Oh, Lord please help me.

The air.

The sky is not a physical thing, its just a term to explain what we see when we look upwards.

They sky is an expanse of gases enveloping the earth, gases don’t fall but diffuse.

Is this a serious question?

Gravity does not apply on the sky, simple.

U mean the clouds?

There is no such thing as sky’s the limit of our vision.

The clouds.

Pressure… The gravity attracts the air more than the clouds and it’s because of the density of those two substance.

Didn’t read the book that’s exactly what chicken said the sky is falling but she was wrong.

There is no sky and bigger bodies have more gravity than smaller one. And earth is smallest when we look around.

Do you think the sky is a lid?

Sky is not an object or something with weight.

Sky is just a gas.

I think there is no real gravity cause your mind is floating in the air.

Black hole is gravity in reverse!

There’s no such thing as sky is just an open space.

Falling where? It’s sitting on the ground now.

Sky is formed of layers of gas it is about 1000km in high starting from the level of the ocean which represnt the ground and continues to the highest level that if you passed it you will be in the space.


Very good question, sky is the combination of gases….that sometimes form clouds… It’s made up of small droplets & wind…everything orbit around earth including satellite instead of falling back down to ground.

I would advise you to look this question up on the internet first before asking this question.

9th grade science.

Gas is lighter than ground and water or people. It cannot be disrupted by the gravity.

Zero gravity.

It’s about air density.

The sky is a refracted image of the blue component of the spectrum.

Thick steel ropes held by god.

It’s a layer of many gases which cover the Earth and we already know that gas is not attracted. I hope it will satisfy you.

The whole sky is made of gases there’s no way it can fall.

The sky has “fallen” even “settled” to where it now “swirls” from uneven energy from the sun.

Your ignorance…

Then I will ask you. What is stopping the balloons from falling? We are under 14.7 lbs. of atmospheric pressure. That is called absolute pressure. The stuff that you read on the tire pressure gage is called gage pressure. So things will go up in terms of their density. When the vapor in rain clouds gets too heavy it comes down as rain.

The law of gravity.

Rotation of the earth at 32000 km a day.

The sky is gaseous. Gases float.

The sky is held up by an external (upward) force.

The upward thrust of the universe.

First think! What type of atmosphere is the sky made up of and why it’s called sky!

The same thing hold your brain!

The sky is nothing u can’t touch,it does not occupy any space n has no weigh how would the gravity affect that… Sky is just the reflection of every water in our planet…

It’s not falling, we are looking skyward…. Ipso facto this is brain food, research maybe?

The sky is falling it rains and brings small pieces of things down.

That’s what called dark energy kid.

What is the sky? An asteroid or a solid man of anything?

Three year Old’s mentality.

Chicken Little.

It’s about air density!

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