We Asked 100 People

What is the best mobile game?

We asked 100 people: What is the best mobile game in the world?

We contacted game lovers and asked what is the best mobile game. Brand new games come alive every day and most of them disappear without you realizing it.

We contacted game lovers and asked what is the best mobile game. Brand new games come alive every day and most of them disappear without you realizing it. While some games disappeared, many popular mobile games managed to keep their place in the market. Surprisingly, many games that have become outdated over the years can still be included in the popular mobile games list.

So which mobile game do gamers really like?

What is the best mobile game?

Make sure there is a lot of information on this list that will surprise you!

Let’s start!

PubG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

23 out of 100 people said PUBG

Known by the acronym Pubg, this game is a multiplayer FPS game created and in development by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Bluehole.

PUBG Mobile, introduced in China on February 9, 2018, was released for free on March 19, 2018 for iOS and Android platforms.

How to play PUBG?

It is a war game where 100 players try to survive by killing each other on the maps of their choice. Players enter the game alone, in pairs, or in teams of 4 and fight for survival against teams or solo players.

Among Us

among us best mobile game

19 out of 100 people said Among Us

Published on June 15, 2018, Between Us is a multiple online social inference game published and developed by the American game studio InnerSloth.

How to play Among Us?

One mission game among us supports a maximum of 10 people, with a minimum of 4 people. Players divided into 2 teams are divided into imposter and crewmate. If you are in the Crewmate group, you must complete the missions before being killed. Imposter’s job is to eliminate crewmates.

Call of Duty

call of duty best mobile game

12 out of 100 people said Call Of Duty

Call of Duty: Mobile is a free first-person shooter game developed by Tencent Games and TiMi Studios on Android and IOS platforms.

The game, which was released on October 1, 2019, has two modes, multiplayer and battle royale.

The Battle Royale mode is a life or death struggle between 100 players with the classic battle royale format we are used to seeing. In order to play the mod, you must have 7 levels in the game.

How to play Call of Duty?

In the multiplayer mode, players are offered 9 different map options. The mode has Domination and Artificial intelligence options. By choosing any of these options, you fight on one of these 9 maps. In these options, where different styles of play and different goals must be applied in each mode, the fight is carried out as a single or team.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

mobile legends best mobile game

9 out of 100 people said Mobile Legends

Released on July 11, 2016, Mobile Legends is an online video game developed and published by Moonton.

How to play Mobile Legends?

Two teams of 5 people are fighting on a map. The goal in the game is to protect the base. The first team to destroy the opponent’s base wins.

Garena Free Fire

free fire mobile

7 out of 100 people said Free Fire

Developed by 111 Dots Studio and launched in 2017, Free Fire managed to get its name in the world’s most played mobile list in 2019. This game is a battle royale game.

How to play Free Fire?

This online game involves the challenge between 50 players parachuting out of a plane. Players jumping out of the plane start looking for weapons and equipment to kill other players. The last player to survive wins the game.

Brawl Stars

brawl stars mobile game

5 out of 100 people said Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars game was developed by Supercell in 2017. This game is a real-time and multiplayer strategy game. It was the most revenue generating game in the Asian region in 2018.

How to play Brawl Stars?

At two opposite ends of the map is the base of the opposing teams. The goal is to take the central flag and return it to the base: the team that manages to carry the flag wins.

Candy Crush Saga

mobile game candy crush saga

4 out of 100 people said Candy Crush Saga

Candt Crush Saga is the most popular and best game in its field. The puzzle game was released on April 12, 2012, and in 2013 it became the first game to beat FarmVille with 45.6 million users on Facebook, the star of the time. The game developed by King has more than 1 billion downloads on PlayStore.

How to play Candy Crush Saga?

In this puzzle game, you try to bring the same color candies side by side. The old legend game has a tetris-like structure. The gameplay of the game is based on exchanging two candies when you combine three candies of the same color in a row or column.


minecraft mobile

4 out of 100 people said Minecraft

One of the favorite popular games of young people is Minecraft. It’s actually a much older game than you can imagine. Minecraft, published on May 16, 2009, made its name known to the whole world in a short time. The game was written by Mojang within a week. However, with the game in 2014, Mojang was sold to Microsoft for $ 2.5 billion. It has currently been downloaded more than 10 million times on PlayStore.
It can be called the world game. You are free, you can go anywhere, you can do anything. As long as you overcome the difficulties.

How to play Minecraft?

You are trying to survive in an infinite world. The game offers five different option

  • Survival
  • Hardcore
  • Creative
  • Adventure
  • Spectator

In the game you can fight creatures, mine or build buildings and ships.

Other Answers

other answers 4 1

Other responses we get when we want the best mobile game are:

Respect Money Power 2: Advanced Gang simulation

Black Desert Mobile

8 Ball Pool

Moto Racer


Asphalt 8: Airborne


Zynga Poker


Darkness Rises


What is the best mobile game? – Result

best mobile game 1

“What is the best mobile game?” We asked 100 people.

We found 100 players with a lot of young people from the mobile gaming community and asked which one is the best mobile game. Although the overall response rates are close to each other, PUBG Mobile received the most responses in our best mobile game ranking.

23 out of 100 people who answered our question say PUBG Mobile is the best mobile game. With 50 million daily active users, the game creates record views on various streaming platforms. The fact that the most watched streams in almost all game streams are PUBG Mobile streams confirms that it is the most preferred game.

After PUBG Mobile “Among Us” comes. It is very popular among us. 19 out of every 100 people we ask about the best mobile game say it’s the best mobile game we’ve heard often lately.

The 3rd most preferred game in our best mobile game question is Call of Duty! 12 out of 100 people call it the best mobile game Call of Duty.

Looking at the rest of the list; There are equal number of answers with 9 people Mobile Legends, 7 people Free Fire, 5 people Brawl Stars, 4 people Candy Crush and Minecraft.

“What is the best mobile game?” The response rates for our question were like this.

So what do you think is the best mobile game?

Do not forget to mention your opinion in the comments!

We Asked 100 People

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