We Asked 100 People

What is the importance of the national flag?

We asked 100 people: What is the importance of the national flag?

Every nation has its own flag and these flags have special meanings.

If you really want to read an article about the importance of national flags, this article will not be useful to you. Because every flag has many important aspects that cannot be counted. However, here we will find out what local people think of the flags in the answers we receive from a hundred random people.

What do people think about the importance of the national flag?

What do people think about the importance of the national flag 1

Pride, unity, allegiance and most importantly freedom.

To blow off heat.

Our national flag is our identity.


Quantum calculus of c.


The importance of the national flag is unity.

It’s design and colors symbolizes countries and identify their values, beliefs and history in different ways. Each flag represents its own country and nation all around the world and conveys specific messages.

I think the importance of the national flag is freedom.

A line in the dirt… Don’t cross over the line… It’s our dirt.

The importance of the national flag is that it is a source of pride for us.

Code of countries.

Nice question. Each flag represents its own country and nation all around the world and conveys specific messages. For instance, the American flag stands for freedom, liberty and civil right.

In my opinion it is reflects religion.

Just in short… It’s the identification, of our country our people.

It means am independent, is a symbol of pride and significant, it identify value of my country also belief and the history of my country as a nation.

It represents my country.

It’s identified the country.

In my point I think that national flag is important because It identific us who are we. Example me, I was In an international game five years ago, there were many countrys but each country ıt can identific with your flat.

The flag color and design reflect the country’s values, however I think that the falg’s most important function is uniting the country as most countries have people from different races, religions and beliefs, which created “the rally around the flag” policy later.

Like what kinda country you are . Like e.g SA flag, the red presents blood, the green presents grass, N so much more.


It can give a symbol to every country.

“Land of the free and the home of the brave!!”

It used to mean something.

WW1 & WW2 wonder if these guys thought the flag meant anything to them” -e respect for the guys that lost there life’s For there flag„ for there country” for every soul on this planet that’s breathing the air you breathing right now.

It is only important for creating nationalism, not necessarily a good thing.

It’s just a symbol. What is important is the mind and heart of its countrymen.

To me It is only to identify the country, It don’t works for nothing more, I’m not a nationalist and i don’t de like to Sing the National song, i hate this stupid idea.

Your flag reflect your country.

Emblem of the nation.

Symbolize respect… Love of our country.

Freedom, ı wish people would remember that!

I think the importance of the national flag starts with patriotism.

Wastage of 2 meter cloth.

Symbol, pride of nation.

Because it’s seems that i am a citizen of free & sovereign country. It’s represent my country in the world.

Sovereignty of the country.

For the marks of own country.

Identity & freedom.

A symbol that represents a country.

Very important. Not only does it serve as an identity for the people inhabiting the nation, but it is important for identification purposes in international maritime waters, and airways etc.

Maybe it’s just a symbol that represent a country But every time i see the flag of my country Afghanistan it make me cry cause I love Afghanistan.

I think the importance of the national flag is everything.


Sing of country.

Symbol of unity.

It show sovereignty.

Symbol and identity of a country you belong.

The most explained of one country.

A proud of or country.

Nothing here just fighting common. Local people each other. It’s just a symbol of country…

It’s just a symbol of country…

Symbol of people fighting together or this is just a symbol of one country.

Identity for z country.

Represent the whole country people. Its means to me a lot.

Flag its means is independent nation.

It’s definitely pride of a country.

Identity & freedom.

Symbolize freedom for our coloured and black community.

In my own opinion the importance of the national flag is our freedom and respect. Not only for each other but also for our country. And I thank you.

Sovereignty of nation.

Reflection of religion.

Sovereign political status!

The national flag is the symbol of the nation and sovereignty.

National flag is identification of my country and me.

To my opinion the flag is identity of simple of unity if am not wrong.


The flag of a nation is a symbol of the people’s identity.

To sing a national anthem.

My belief war is the means where certain ambitious politicians try to achieve their personal goals and objectives by sacrificing the lives of country-men whom they convenes they dying to save the dignity and honor of their country. ( This is my belief, no cause is worth the lives of 50 million souls as the case of WW2).

It promotes national unity.

It’s an identity.

I think it has many means. Like identity independent and solidarity. Ok its symbol of their existence.

It is show for world, you have independence, right, freedom.

It is a symbol of our own identity.

It’s the identity of your country. Flags also symbolizes something, we don’t know what it is but I’m sure there’s a meaning to it..

It represents the country.

Your flag show your identity and u feel proud I am from that country.

A sign of greatness of the country.

Ohh….Its simple… Its a thing that would bind a nation. Makes u feel proud If your patriotic that is.

Country flag.

Its unique sign unique color and slogan.

Flag is flag i don’t care about flag.

The importance of the national flag… I don’t know.

It depends.

For a few it is a matter of pride and they die for it.

My flag has a maple leaf.

It’s a symbol.

Its symbol unique identity.

Our pride!

To stand for the nation.

It shows the dignity of country.

It represents the entire country and its ambitions.

In one word its pride of a country.

It signifies a nation.

A flag is a combination of various things. Trying to bring out the core values / identity of the country…

It doesn’t make sense.,

The importance of the national flag is the symbol of freedom.

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