We Asked 100 People

What is your favorite fast food?

We ask people: What is your favorite fast food?

Hello to everyone! Today we will talk about delicious flavors. Fast food. We love them because we are all potential fast food consumers!

We love fast food because it’s fast, satisfying and delicious and… and… maybe a little cheap but definitely hassle-free. I say “hassle-free” because you don’t have to worry about cooking for hours or going to the grocery store. It is also ready in as little as 5 minutes.

So, Fast Food consumption is this easy (slightly unhealthy) and when there are hundreds of varieties, which one will we consume? What is people’s favorite fast food?

Let’s go to the answers!

Popular favorite fast food

Popular favorite fast food

Before: We asked random people what their favorite food is!


19 of the people we asked said that their favorite fast food is hamburger.

Favorite Fast Food - Hamburger

One of the first meals that comes to mind when it comes to fast food: Hamburger. The most popular answer to the question of what is your favorite food we asked before was hamburger. Now again we see hamburgers in the most popular answer. People really love burgers!

Fried chicken

11 people said fried chicken.

Fried chicken

Great, tasty fried chicken. It is indispensable for fast food. Who doesn’t love a tasty fried chicken?

Unless you’re a vegetarian, of course.


9 people said pizza.


For some reason, your favorite food question we wrote in the past comes to mind when reviewing the answers. Hamburger, pizza, fried chicken … It seems people like fast food the most.

Actually, it’s impossible not to like Pizza!

Even if you are vegetarian this time.

French fries

Six of the people we asked said that their favorite fast food is french fries.

French fries

The fourth on our list is fried potatoes.

The Crispy French Fries … Can you smell it?


9 people said taco.


Despite being a traditional Mexican dish, Taco is a famous fast food spreading fast all over the world. It is a delicious and easy-to-reach dish, especially in all European countries.


3 people said Noodles.


I know, I seem to be repeating myself in this content. But it wouldn’t be if I didn’t say it. Noodles were on our favorite food list!

Other favorite fast food

Others - favorite fast food

Of course, we did not collect only 6 answers. We’ve come to the end of the answers where we’ve selected the really popular ones for you, but it’s not over! Now it’s time to see other favorite fast food foods. Even if many of them are brand names, you already know what this is!

Rice and stew.

Spring roll





Fried rice and chicken.



Fish and chips.


Egg & chips





Cheese bacon fries


Burger king





Favorite fast food – Result

favorite fast food - result

We asked people what their favorite fast food is.

Based on our answers and previous questions, most people are clearly hamburgers! No no. I mean … He likes hamburgers.

We see many familiar brands on our list. Also, pizza, noodles, and chips were again favorites.

Now it’s your turn! What is your favorite fast food?

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