We Asked 100 People

What will you do on Christmas night?

We asked 100 people: what are you going to do on Christmas night?

Christmas is the Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus on December 25 each year. It is also known as the Nativity, Holy Birth or Christ.

As Christmas approaches, we asked people what to do on Christmas night and listed the answers for you.

Let’s see what 100 people we want on Christmas night will do.

Sleeping (21)

The most popular answer for the best Christmas night event: Sleep

What will you do on Christmas night: Sleeping

We asked 100 people what to do on Christmas night and 21 answers were “sleep”. With 21 answers, the most popular answer to our topic was to sleep.

All Answers

All Answers

Wondering what people will do on Christmas night? Let’s have a look. Maybe there are activities for you!


Enjoy whatever I do.

Nothing. I’ve got covid.

Watch a Christmas movie and drink.

Lamb chops with Danny and Lougena. 1st Christmas I won’t be alone in a very long time.

Will post and chat on Facebook while will eat my favorite food.

Christmas Eve is always spent with family. We hang out and eat a lot.

Go to church in the eve, Eat a piece of cake and go to bed.



Christmas eve,I’II spend time with loved.


What I do every night.

We don’t have Christmas in our country.


I will go to church.


Spent my

I don’t know I guess I don’t have much to do.

Together with santa.

Probably sleeping

U wanna know.


Get pissed watch cheesy Christmas movies eat chocolate be up all night throwing up happy Christmas…

Christmas movie!


Sleep just like every night even new year.

Have fun.



Go to bed alone as always.

Call the people i love not because they love me back but because i care.

2020 doesn’t deserve Mary Christmas.

I pray my almighty Allah To give all the people happy And healthy life.

Nothing special.

I will sleep early.

Don’t planned anything… Whatever happen will happen… Everyday Is with don’t wait.

Get drunk and cook a big feed ready for the morning. Then wake up early and feel terrible but open presents anyway.


I will spend the whole day with my boyfriend.

Grinch party!!

Honestly crying because that day I’m alone my family is to far with me so its better to cry.

I don’t know…

Chat with bf, eat and chit chat with cousin.

Night vigil.

Thank God all night.

Drink alcohol and eat rice and chicken.

Smoke till the break.


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Make sure Santa eats his fry bread.

To be with my mom and dad then pray for the whole world.


Work all night.

Chop chicken

Same thing I always do beat my meat.



Make fun.

I will be chilling with my homies.

I will pray to God.

Bloody well sleep till the 28th.

Kidding i’ve got my grandson (my little rocker) a microphone so it’ll be full on singing unless his mum & dad get pissed off but I’m the oldest my rules.

Enjoy been with the family that we dont see very often then after that, that would be telling.

Be with my son.

Smoking and dancing.


Drinking a lot.


Don’t know will be by myself.

Nothing, just sleeping.


What does this have to do with our topic? Did you really think about this among the many problems?

We are at schools.


I sleep peacefully.

Small correction at the christmas.

I will ask a wish and pray for my friends and all over the world.


At my room sleeping.

Pray and greeting to all my loving dears.

Stay up late.

Cry. Because my husband left me week Ago.



Open my present and pray.

I’ll be at home with a good book and a glass of red.

I’ll be in work.

Eat and sleep.

I will be with my family.


Eating chocolate and crying.

I think I watch TV.

I can get in my car and drive around.

Turkey fries.

Congratulations, 2020 is ending.

What will you do on Christmas night? – Result

What will you do on Christmas night - Result

This was the answer we got from 100 people, what are you going to do on Christmas night?

As you can see in our article, the most popular answer given by 100 people was that I will sleep. Others surprisingly answered, I’m working.

Generally, people don’t seem to be socializing much because of Covid-19.

Still, it is possible to spend a nice Christmas night with our loved ones while maintaining social distance.

Merry christmas everyone!

So what are you going to do on Christmas night?

Do not forget to indicate your answer in the comment!

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