We Asked 100 People

What would you like to say to God?

We Ask 100 People: What would you like to say to God?

You can’t stop thinking. We are constantly thinking and developing about life, nature and the universe. Although social culture influences our religious views, we all had things to think about God.

Wait a minute! We do not make any religious information or criticism here. Let’s make things a little more fun.

Do you like watching movies? Have you watched the movie Evan Almighty? In the movie starring Jim Carrey, a man whose things go wrong begins to rebel against God. Then he starts talking to the god, who appears in a human silhouette with events happening in an unusual way.

Let’s consider ourselves in this movie. If you had the opportunity to talk to God, what would you like to say to God?

Most popular answer

Most popular Answer

Before I get to the answers, I would like to say that you are only reading a topic that has one popular answer. The topic contains many different opinions and ideas. Don’t forget to take a look at all the answers.

Let’s stop talking and move on to the answers: What would you like to say to God?

Gratitude and thanks

Gratitude and thanks 1

43 out of 100 people express their gratitude and thanks to God.

All Answers

all answers 1

Protect my family.

God I thank you for my life and my family.

Please forgive me my Sins and please Heal me and our World and Bless our President Trump, thank you Amen.

God I thank you for my life and for answering my prayers.

Thank u Jesus, i love u.

Thank u God Almighty.

God thank you for everything.

Thank u God for gift of life.

Thank you Lord For Everything.

What would you like to say to God?… I might have to think about this a little bit, but I want to say this: Thank you for keeping me alive with this Covid-19.

Thanks for keeping me alive.

What would you like to say to God? A very good question. I would probably say: Are you real?

Thank you for another day, hang on to us, keep waking up the people. Thank you for everything, comfort our elders keep them safe. And I lift your name up, Amen.

Thank you for your grace and blessings all my live.

I can’t wait to be home. Thank you for my wonderful life.

Remove the virus.

Thanks for making my life suck so bad.

God have mercy please.

Save the world from Corona!

Thanks for life and protection.

Thanks for giving me and my family another life today.

U are my everything.

Bless me father to see d year 2021.

Protect me everywhere I go.

Protect. Me and my family.

Thanks for giving me live.

Help me to get my… AMEN.

Thank God for the provider and protection of me and my family.

Help Me, Bless Me, Protect Me. Please Father God.

Lord shawa your blessing on me.

Father Lord please protect me and my family before the end of this year.

All I want to say is “God, when I die, i’m coming to get my revenge on you for making me Single my whole life”

Thank you God for everything.

To make me pass my final exams.

Explain yourself.

Lord please wash my iniquity away, amen.

I love u, all your goodness in my life. Thank u.

May our family live long thank you lord amen.

Thank you for your Mercy and Grace.

God, Please give me more knowledge.

Thank you God for protecting me and my family.

You are a great God, thank you for your love, mercy, protection, provision, guidance on keeping us alive up till now may his name alone be glorified forever.

The same as everyday. Thank you.

Don’t give me more pain now coz I can’t tolerate now.

Forgive my sins and protect my family and all nation.

Hello? Can’t you see what’s going on here?

How does it feel to live forever.

I need to pass at school and go to secondary.

Do not send people down here.

Strike down dead the people who are evil and cruel.

God is too good to us.

God please forgive me all my sins.

Thanks God for his blessings I need more.

My father give return life

I would say he’s useless all the time.

Thank you for the grace and mercy upon my life.

Love u lord.

Thank you you Lord for having protected me every corner of my life.

Thank you lord for the longer life and protection.

God is Great.

Thank you for my life and family.

Can i have a bicycle?

God bless me with a gift of wisdom. Ameen.

Thank you for providing for my wife and I, is there a way to heal us both at ease?

Give me a month and then call me home.

God I love you for everything you have done and continue to do for me I know i don’t deserve it but you never left me and I love you for that. Amen.

Please help us.

Thank you for blessing me.

Will this coronavirus end?

Why can’t I get the things I pray to get huh why God?

Thanks for everything u have in my life.

Thank you so very much my wonderful God for all the blessings u give me.

U mind if I drown myself and hang out with u?

Thanks to the almost high God.

Thank you God for being there for me. Please God forgive me for all my sins. Please God bless me and all your.

Please forgive my sins and please protect my wife and kids against this cruel world.

What would you like to say to God?… I hadn’t thought of that before… Take me!

God Bless us Amen.

Please help with my stupid wife.

Forgive my sins and help my family’s needs plz.

I’m sorry.

I would like to say, please father forgive me and accept me as your child now.

Love you god.

Why so mean?

Thank you for your a faithful GOD.

God i thank you for everything u have done in my life and the life of my family.

Thank you God for the life i have thank you for the good health I’m forever grateful.

Why me?

Thank you for everything, bless me endlessly.

Thank you Lord for a gift of life.

Thank you God in every moment in my life.

Please protect me god and be with me all. My life and i wish to pass grade 8.

Hear me lord, god that’s all.

Are you God or are you his assistant?

Thank You Lord Jesus Christ.

No more faith induced obedience, show yourself and take care of this ant farm called Earth and the things you created in it.

Can I come to heaven?

Book a 2 BHK flat in hell.

Why do the good die young?

Why can’t I breathe under water?

What would you like to say to God? – Result

What would you like to say to God Result 1

What would you like to say to God? We shared the answers to the question with you.
The belief of god, which has been going on for centuries, continues to have a great impact today. Today there are 20 different faiths with more than 1 million loyal people.

Some thank God for the difficulties in human life, others thank God for the life he sees as a gift to him.

We asked our editors what our followers want to say to God. We collected 100 different, interesting and weird answers.

As you can see in our article, most people say they want to thank God.

Your turn. What would you like to say to God? Do not forget to write in the comments!

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