We Asked 100 People

What would you like to say to your ex?

We asked 100 people: What would you like to say to your ex?

Love is undoubtedly the most sacred feeling in the world. But unfortunately we cannot choose the person we love with ourselves. Even though we have a relationship with the person we love, relationships can end for a variety of reasons. Some people remember their relationship that ended well, while others describe it as a bad experience.

What would you like to say to your ex?

In today’s article, we asked people what they want to say to your ex. We talked about the answers we got from the question.

We have collected answers for you from our Facebook followers and various social media platforms. Come on, don’t wait too long, get on with the answers!

7 Popular Answers

Popular Answers

We asked your ex what you would like to say and listed the 7 most popular answers for you.

1) Thank you

Thank you

12 out of 100 people thank their ex.

2) I still love you

I still love you

8 out of every 100 people still love their ex.

3) Come back i miss you

Come back i miss you

7 out of 100 want their ex to come back.

4) Good luck

Good luck

5 out of 100 people wish their ex-girlfriend luck.

5) Be happy

Be happy

4 out of 100 people want their ex to be happy.

6) I’m happy

I'm happy

2 out of 100 said they were happier without their ex.

7) Go to hell

Go to hell

2 out of every 100 people want their ex to be away. Love and hate … It’s a fine line.


After a bad relationship:

After a bad relationship
What would you like to say to your ex?

Relationships don’t always end badly. However, looking at the 11 answers below, there are also those whose relationships are quite problematic.

After a bad relationship: What would you like to say to your ex?

I don’t want to live with u again and waste my time twice… Get lost.

Enjoy your sad life without me.

Ex enjoy your new boyfriend.

Give my money back.

Go to hell.

U lucky to still be alive.

I didn’t mistake to quit.

Breaking up with you wz the best choice ever.

Sorry we didn’t make it but you know it’s all because of you.

I would have nothing to say. Hard to talk to an idiot!

I wonder when are you going to die?

Other Answers

Other Answers

I was with you. But now, I got right person whatever I need. Now I’m so happy without you. Thanks for leaving me.

I miss the first kiss.

Thanks for going.

Help me greet your brand new one.

Good for me.

Can’t forget ya!

See how I am laughing without you baby, I love you.

Glad your happy.

I’m still loving you!

I want to say my husband i love you.

What would you like to say to your ex? This is a hard question… I really love evermore.

I’m more happy since we broke up.

Stay happy… Focus on your dreams… God bless you.

I still love. The fact that your life is still stable without me.

Have fun and be safe.

Live long.

Just love u forever…


Live your own life and let me be.

Thx for setting me free.

I need u back.

Glad you’re happy!

I need u back.

Stay safe and healthy!

God bless you.

You’re still my heart.

Thx for giving me A Chance to meet someone better…

Well done.

If she could come back i will accept.

I will help if you need help.

Gift me chocolate again.

Always be happy and may Allah continue your happiness …

It say thank you for setting me free.

Thanks for teaching me lessons in life.

I at least think about you in a day once.

Just let me be.

Stay there… He will treat u well I still love.

I can’t wait to cash in, as im not gonna marry.

What would you like to say to your ex? This is a hard question… Good luck.

Thanks God I’m not with him.

Miss u.

Thanks you for all goods or bads cos it help me to come more mature.

I really missed her…. If I could turn back the hand of time to still trade places with her… I will still do.

Thanks for being gone for good!

I still remember u on my heart.

Best of luck.

Thanks, cos i wouldn’t have been here if not for him.

Shall we meet to night is?

Still in love.

Hope everything goes well.

I found my footing without you.

Go to hell. So what would you like to say to your ex?

Wish him good luck.

Nothing gonna change my love for you.

May God bless you.

That she wasn’t worth it…

I would like to talk to you about your extended car Warranty.

Only if I have one.

Not many happy couples there…

F..k offf… Cheater

Move on.

Cheating B got 99 problems and you aint 1

Its ok I’m gonna be fine.

Get lost.

To be honest in the mood i’m in right now I would like to throw poop at him.

Let bygones be bygones and start again. Why not?

Come back…

Not wasting my breath so i say nothing.

Let’s be friends.

I would like to say to my Ex, all the best!

Best of luck!

I think i love u.

I was not forcing you to love then don’t let love be the reason for hating me.

Thanks for teaching me lesson.

May God be with u for changing my life.

Choose the right.

God bless u.

Stay safe for me.

Best of luck!

Thanks for leaving me 4 my true love.

I found love.

Have fun and be safe!

Thank you so much for changing my life and hope to see you in near future with successful life.

Take care. So what would you like to say to your ex?

Don’t care about you.

Enjoy your life.

She’s happy now on someone else…

Because you first love me, you will always be my first love.

Please unblock it.

I trying to forget you but I can’t.

What would you like to say to your ex? – Result

What would you like to say to your ex? - Result

What would you like to say to your ex? We asked 100 people. We shared the answers we got to the question

As you can see in our article, some of those who answered our question said good things to their former loves, while others remember badly. So much so that there are even those who curse their exes for their bad experiences.

Remember, every relationship we have is a good or bad experience for us.

So what would you like to say to your ex?

Do not forget to indicate your answer in the comment!

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