We Asked 100 People

What’s your favorite food?

We asked 100 people: What is your favorite food?

Hello to everyone! In today’s article, we have listed the answers to the ‘favorite food’ question we ask 100 people for you.

Our basic need, food, is a must for some people. Don’t think that nobody likes to eat! Unfortunately, some people don’t like to eat and this is where they can survive.

But we asked 100 people who love to eat, and we learned from them what their favorite food is. We have listed the answers we received for you.

Popular Answers – Favorite Food

We reached people from all over the world. We received delicious food names from 100 people. I am sure you will find surprising answers on this list where you can also see local dishes.

Let’s start!

1- Hamburger

Favorite food: 1st Hamburger

21 out of 100 people said their favorite food was Hamburger.

It is known that this dish first occurred in Germany and America.

Children come to mind when it comes to hamburgers, right? Actually not. Burger is the favorite dish of people of all ages. When you look at the essence, this delicious dish is no different from bread with meatballs. I can hear you saying no. Yes, you are right, it tastes much better.

Even if you go from one end of the world to the other, you can eat burgers. On the plane, in cafes, restaurants, anywhere!

He managed to come first with 21 answers on this famous food list.

Who doesn’t love burgers?

Of course, it is very enjoyable to consume this delicious dish. But let’s not forget to take care of our health. It is worth adding that a double meatball hamburger (100 grams) alone is 294.9 kcal.

2- Pizza

Pizza 1

17 out of 100 people said their favorite food was Pizza.

What food comes to mind when you think of Italy? I guess it would be a better family fight game question than this. Of course pizza!

Pizza, which has many varieties today, is one of the most delicious dishes in the world, just like hamburger. Did you hear you say you don’t like pizza? I guess not possible.

Breakfast dishes added on a great dough! Okay, don’t be mad… This is pizza!

17 out of 100 people we randomly asked chose Pizza. Thus, pizza took the second place in our favorite food list.

Let’s add it again: 100 grams of a standard pizza equals 266 kcal.

3- Chicken rice

Chicken rice 1

10 out of 100 people said their favorite food was chicken rice.

With its easy and practical preparation and excellent taste, rice with chicken takes the third place. Let’s be honest, it’s not surprising that when chicken is added to rice, one of the world’s most popular dishes, it’s on this list.

100 grams of chicken rice contains 153 kcal calories.

4- Rice Pilaf

Rice 1

6 out of 100 people said their favorite food was rice.

One of the hardest to cook and one of the best in terms of flavor: Rice Pilaf.

In fact, the stages of making rice pilaf are very few. Even though the recipes seem very simple, many people find it difficult to get the right consistency.

People of all nations love pilaf!

100 grams of rice pilaf is equivalent to an average of 130 kcal calories.

5- Pasta

Pasta 1

5 out of 100 people said their favorite food was pasta.

Kids, students, adults and even seniors! Everyone loves pasta!

Pasta, which is consumed by everyone from big to small, is perhaps the first among the easiest dishes. The only reason he’s so loved is of course not just his comfort! Maybe with its unique flavor and hundreds of different shapes, it is among the most consumed dishes by everyone.

In fact, according to research, pasta is among the most consumed foods in the world. Pasta originated in Italy in 1154 and ranks 5th in the list of the most popular dishes today.

100 grams of plain pasta contains 131 kcal calories.

6- Salad

Salad 1

4 out of 100 people said their favorite food was Salad.

Famous salads with thousands of varieties… Easy to make and delicious flavors that are both satisfying and healthy with different ingredients.

Four people said salad was their favorite dish. However, we should not forget that we consume it in salads at almost every meal.

Small portion salad is 45 calories.

7- Egg

Egg 1

4 out of 100 people said their favorite food was egg.

There are 155 kcal calories per 100 grams of boiled eggs.

There may be those who don’t like eggs, but they should. Egg is an important nutritional source containing the highest quality protein in foods and many beneficial vitamins, especially A, D, E and B vitamins.

Honestly, I love eggs too.

8- Noodle

Noodle 1

2 out of 100 people said their favorite food was Noodle.

I don’t think it’s noodles without taste. It is very popular today and continues to be more popular with its easy preparation. The ability to be stored for a long time is seen as a great advantage. Noodle first appeared in China. It is not difficult to say that it is among the most consumed foods in the world.

100 grams of cooked noodles contain 138 kcal calories.

9- Meat

Meat 1

2 out of 100 people said their favorite food was meat.

Red meat is a must in the kitchen! Ribeye, steak, cutlet and more … You have many options that can be prepared in thousands of delicious recipes, some difficult and some easy. Red meat is a kitchen in itself.

100 grams of beef contains an average of 250 kcal calories.

10- Kota

Kota 1
Photo by: Cookpad.com (Please let me know if this image is copyrighted or not.)

2 out of 100 people said their favorite food was Kota.

Well, I don’t think anyone knows that. The real name of this dish, according to Wikipedia, is Spatlo. Also known as Kota or Skhambane, this dish is an extremely popular sandwich in South Africa. It’s actually a kind of fast food.

Spicy French fries, sauces, cheese, eggs and some meat are added between the hollow bread. Here is the Kota!

11- Fish

Fish 1

2 out of 100 people said their favorite food was Fish.

Fish is indispensable for the most popular dishes! Delicious and beneficial fish, which are of great importance in weekly nutrition, are a cuisine in itself, just like red meat.

There are thousands of delicious fish recipes that stand out with their importance for human health.

An average of 100 grams of fish contains 205 kcal calories.

12- Eba

Eba 1
Photo by: Flickr

2 out of 100 people said their favorite food was Eba.

It is a staple food widely consumed in the West African region, particularly Nigeria and Ghana.

Originally originated in Nigeria, this dish is served alongside other dishes.

An average serving is equal to 290 kcal calories.

Other Answers




Irish cuisine

My favorite food especially burger. I don’t joke we it that it’s my best food so far.

Everything edible is my favorite

Sweet foods


Favorite food… All of them.





Haricot bean

All offal products

Mom’s chicken ravioli with chickpeas


Spinach, broccoli and tomato including fruits are my superfood

Stuffed leaves

Fried plantains


What’s your favorite food? – Result

What's your favorite food?

What is your favorite food? We asked 100 answers and shared them with you.

As you can see in the list; 21 out of 100 people answered Burger, 17 Pizza, 10 Chicken Rice, 4 Salad, 5 Pasta, 4 Eggs.

Abacha and Pomo sang Noodle, Meat, Kota and Eba twice.

The other 29 people said their local food in response to our question.

What is your favorite food? This was the answer we got to the question.

So what is your favorite food?

Don’t forget to add your answers to the comment!

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