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WhatsApp New Policy | What awaits us? What do people think?

WhatsApp agrees to consolidate users' personal data on Facebook - Threatened to block users who refuse new terms of use - Will Facebook access WhatsApp messages? - Elon Musk recommends Signal Messenger - Pavel Durov: WhatsApp users switch to Telegram at scale

We Ask People: WhatsApp New Policy, What awaits us?

WhatsApp messenger has updated the company’s user agreement with which it will transfer personal data to Facebook. This was reported on the company’s website.

WhatsApp states that as part of the Facebook company, the company may receive information from other companies and in return have the right to use the data it transmits.

The data that Whatsapp New Policy can share with Facebook includes information about the registration data of the user account and transfer information.

This new policy made people very angry.

WhatsApp new policy has agreed to consolidate users’ personal data on Facebook

WhatsApp new policy has agreed to consolidate users' personal data on Facebook

It was decided to share the personal data of Whatsapp messenger users with all Facebook application families. Now Whatsapp exchanges information with other Facebook applications.

The new contract states that information will be collected to help develop, improve and promote Facebook products.

In December 2020, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a lawsuit for systematic violations of the law by Facebook. According to the regulator, the company “illegally maintains a personal monopoly on social networks” and for many years adhered to its strategy to buy the most promising competitors. The FTC asked the court to sell Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp, prohibit software developers from imposing anti-competitive terms, and continue to carry out such transactions only with the permission of the authorities.

Whatsapp new policy | You accept or you will be banned

Whatsapp new policy | You accept or you will be banned

WhatsApp new policy and the conditions for transferring personal data to Facebook have been widely criticized. All users who wish to continue using WhatsApp must agree to the new terms of service by February 8. All users who want to continue using WhatsApp will be able to continue their use by approving the current terms of service.

Messenger, phone numbers, user preferences, information about IP addresses, geographic location, etc. It will have to share user data with all the developments of the company such as Facebook and Instagram.

The company explained that the information is necessary to improve the personalized selection of advertising for each user and to provide the most suitable content and personal services for everyone. The new terms will take effect on 8 February. If you don’t accept, you won’t be able to use WhatsApp.

Will Facebook access WhatsApp messages?

Will Facebook access WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp’s new policy was published and then made a very clear statement about the privacy of messages.

Facebook cannot access WhatsApp messages. Conversations and messages you make with friends and family on WhatsApp are protected with end-to-end encryption. Not even third parties, WhatsApp or Facebook can view this content.

Elon Musk recommends Signal Messenger

Elon Musk recommends Signal Messenger

Following the release of WhatsApp new policy, Tesla CEO Elon Musk advised users to switch to the encrypted Signal messenger on Thursday.

After that, investors started buying Signal shares. However, investors did not take into account that this application operates on a non-commercial basis and is not traded. As a result, the shares of a company of a similar name were quickly purchased – Signal Advance.

As a result, Signal Advance shares gained 527% on Thursday and 91% on Friday. According to CNBC reports, in a total of two days the value of Signal Advance shares increased by 60 cents to $ 7.19, and the market value of the company – $ 55 million 660.

The company then had to make a statement. “It’s understandable that people want to invest in Signal’s record growth, but this isn’t us.”

Signal Advance was established in 1992 in Texas, USA. One was named Biodyne and served medical and legal professionals, but later changed its focus to using technology in the healthcare industry and renamed it to Signal Advance.

The company is so small that it does not even report its financial results to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). As of March 2019, Signal Advance had only one full-time employee: its CEO.

Pavel Durov: WhatsApp users are moving to Telegram at scale

Pavel Durov WhatsApp users are moving to Telegram at scale

Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram messenger and Vkontakte social network, announced on Friday, January 8, that the trend of WhatsApp messenger users to switch to Telegram rival has increased significantly.

According to Dw.com, from an IT entrepreneur’s point of view, this is because of the recent change in WhatsApp new policy where users’ personal data will now be transferred to its parent company Facebook.

Telegram currently has around 500 million users worldwide.

WhatsApp new policy and unknowns

The unknowns of the WhatsApp contract

WhatsApp, one of the most used applications, made a radical change and changed its privacy policy and data sharing rules. Prof Law Firm Communication and Media Consultant Barış Karaoğlan talked about the unknowns about Whatsapp new policy.

Although it seems innocent, the use of “information sharing” here means that it will share all kinds of information and statistics. So when we question how this could be wrong, everyone knows that Facebook company directly affected the 2016 presidential election that ended in the Donald Trump victory in the United States. The company’s CEO is accused and prosecuted for sharing Facebook data with a third party. From this point of view, we all know how important personal data is.

Although WhatsApp emphasizes that correspondence is end-to-end encrypted, unfortunately this does not change the fact that data is stored. In other words, all of our data is stored on the company’s main machine by an algorithm. The contract asking for approval to be shared with Facebook actually means that a serious data transfer can be used for any problem.

When we think that personal correspondence is more, WhatsApp is actually an application that can do serious data mining. The groups we correspond with, the messages we transmit, the pictures, videos, the comments we make, the answers we give, the emojis we use create serious data about our personality while revealing our habits with an algorithm…

What we prefer in our shopping, what kind of music we listen to, what kind of movies and series we watch, the video styles that interest us the most, our political views, our political attitude, the newspapers we read, magazines, writers, events and subjects we criticize. All of these are transformed into user data with an algorithm, which once again shows that the product is actually a “user”. [Source: Hibya]

WhatsApp users broke records in one day

WhatsApp users broke records in one day

WhatsApp new policy and just before these criticisms, WhatsApp broke the record.

WhatsApp users made a record 1.4 billion voice and video calls on New Years Eve. This was reported by TASS in reference to a press release from Facebook, which owns the messenger.

“More than 1.4 billion voice and video calls were made worldwide on New Year’s Eve, the highest number seen in a day on WhatsApp. The number of calls increased by more than 50% compared to the same day last year.”

In addition, more than 55 million posts were made on Facebook and Instagram on December 31st.

WhatsApp new policy – What Are People Thinking?

What Are People Thinking

We talked about WhatsApp new policy and how it affects us. Now is the time for what people are thinking. We asked random people from all over the world what they think of WhatsApp new policy.

I am a person who likes to constantly share where and how I am busy. I have serious concerns about privacy.

Will Whatsapp new policy include the conversation I had with my girlfriend? Nobody will like this.

Goodbye WhatsApp. Maybe you were the only person who knew me best and knew everything. I have to go on with my life. I met someone else who gave me more privacy. Hello Signal!

It’s pointless to replace WhatsApp with Telegram or Signal. Our aim should be to deter monopolization.

It is clear that this policy is harmful. Those who do not take this seriously will make mistakes. Therefore, we need to find another alternative.

I’ve temporarily frozen my WhatsApp app. If it doesn’t retract this policy by February, I’ll delete it completely.

People are no longer unconscious as before. Everyone scrutinizes policies and cares about their privacy. Nobody will allow this.

Actually, everything is very simple. People will popularize a new alternative app and 2 billion people using WhatsApp will start using the new alternative. See you WhatsApp.

It’s time to say goodbye to WhatsApp. I think these are the last days I used them. You will now be deleted from all phones one by one. Your new policy is ending you.

Whatsapp has no errors. Every free service is charged with hidden charges. Your data is the amount you pay them. They take more valuable things from you than cash. Google has everything, your GitHub codes, your personal data in WhatsApp. Have you ever thought about these before showing off on social media? Why is it free?

Now is your turn! What do you think of Whatsapp new policy? Share your ideas with us!


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