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WHO said traveling abroad should not require vaccination

Michael Ryan, Director of the WHO Emergency Health Program, said the decision to make vaccines mandatory for international travel will depend on the development of the coronavirus situation.

We ask people: WHO opposes mandatory coronavirus vaccination in international travel. Do you think this is true?

The WHO Emergency Health Program Committee opposed mandatory vaccination imposed by coronavirus immunity requirements. Michael Ryan, Program Director of Health Emergencies, stressed that the emergency committee does not consider it necessary to introduce additional barriers for tourists until more data and more vaccines are available.

“Given that the impact of vaccines on reducing transmission of the virus is not yet known, and the availability of vaccines is currently too limited, the committee recommended that countries do not require proof of vaccination from arriving travelers,”

WHO Emergency Health Program Committee

In addition, WHO officials said the second year of the coronavirus outbreak could get much worse than the first.

The World Health Organization reminds that the number of infected people worldwide exceeds 92 million and the death toll is approaching 2 million. 51 million people recovered during the pandemic. And just last week, from January 4 to January 10, about five million people got sick.

WHO says no evidence of vaccination is required to travel abroad. So what do people think?

WHO says no evidence of vaccination is required to travel abroad.

The World Health Organization (WHO) Emergency Committee is not currently recommending providing evidence of vaccine requirements for COVID on international travel. So what do people think?

An offer that is not yet a rule.

Yes whoever wishes to have they can’t have you can’t force anyone to do so.

If you have not been vaccinated, a visa will not be issued because your report must be documented that you have been vaccinated while traveling for a day. Even if you have issued a visa, the ticket will not be issued. Ideally, they can be manipulated as some people feel headaches and some body aches after vaccination.

WHO opposes, but not other countries.

I went to Germany and had to get test reports from India and Germany separately. I paid a lot of money to the guy at the hospital and told him I was vaccinated, we all know it’s easy to carry the document, but we have to be careful.

It will become mandatory to get vaccinated soon that what i think gonna happen.

I am not the person to talk about this International Question. However, as WHO points out, the vaccine is not available for everyone.

Currently not mandatory, but will fall under the age of 12 by March and will not be a problem for the nursing mother.

Since they find different types of viruses every month, they cannot apply this now, so they have to follow the new rules within a few days.

Currently not required, but testing is required. It is also very important.


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