We Asked 100 People

Will you get Covid 19 vaccine?

We Ask 100 People: Will you get the Covid 19 vaccine?

The Covid 19 outbreak that occurred in Wuhan, China on December 1, 2019 has affected the whole world for more than 1 year. Although most infected people survive the disease, the number of deaths is also quite high.

According to Wikipedia data, a total of 68 million people have been infected in the world so far. While 43 million of those who got the epidemic survived the disease, more than 1 million people died due to the Covid 19 outbreak.

While vaccination studies were carried out by many countries, we asked if they could benefit from the vaccine produced and shared their answers to the vaccine with you.

Yes or No

Let’s see what people think of the Covid 19 vaccine.


There are 57 people who answered “no” to the question “Are you going to get Covid 19 vaccine”.



“Will you be Covid 19 vaccine?” There are 30 people who say yes to the question.



There are 13 people who say they are hesitant about the vaccine.




If this virus is so deadly and contagious, where are all the biohazard bins for our used gloves and mask?

If we need to wear mask to “protect others”, then we need to kill all rapist,pedophiles, and murders to protect everyone(especially our children) and ensure there are no repeat offenders!

But hell NO I won’t be getting it!

Of course, at my funeral.


Same answer when I’m asked to wear a mask nope.

Even in my dreams, this vaccine story and the disease itself is a hoax.

Will you be Covid 19 vaccine? Hmm. Good question. If it’s my turn, why not?

Of course.

No!! I am a Trump supporter but that has absolutely nothing to do with my decision. I will NOT take it because I don’t think its been tested enough. I don’t take the flu shot either…

My sons doc said she wouldn’t recommend giving it to any kids or even adults for another 5 to 10 years so my family and I aren’t until we know its safe.

It depends on how far science researchers can go in this regard, but some countries have developed some vaccines such as the Russians.

Not unless I’m in a coma. So nope.

Believe me at some point it will be mandatory, in order for you to go back into the work force.

When the more venable get it first and there is no side effects that can be worse the the covid itself..but again Everything seems to have side effects that is post to be good for ya’ll. Nothing is 100%side effect free.me my husband and son gets a flu shot each year So….I probably will.

People saying no must be Trump supporters or at least have the same idiotic mindset.

Not sure. Daughter got the coronavirus virus. She got really sick. She is in her 40’s. I never get a flu shot because it makes me sick. I am on the fence.

I’ve got plenty good of white lightning to burn out any virus/flu bug never failed me yet.

If u have, give me it now. Bkz i go die! but it’s not covid! it’s “Fear Rumors!

Yes when it’s offered.

So far looks like 10/1 that will not be having it.

Supposedly there’s a 98% survival rate of the disease itself but only a 95% success rate of the vaccine.

I’m a big fat NO THANK YOU! No knowing what the Long Term side effects are yet!

Why take a vaccine that’s 95% effective for a virus that has a worldwide recovery rate of 97%? We don’t get vaccines for other viruses. The doctor says let it run its course.

Personally I find it amusing, we’ve known of the flu for years. The vaccine for it is only 40% effective. We’ve known of cancer and how it works for years too. Yet no cures. But here’s this new virus that nobody can figure out how it’s working and you been able to figure out how to stop/cure it? Bwahahahaha

Just like the government was so kind to relocate native Americans to horrible land and give them smallpox infested blankets. No thanks.

I will have it but only after the high risk people get their first.

No way.

Not a hope in hell no way.

Not a chance in hell.

Yes. In a heartbeat yes.

Just as soon as the Pope gets pregnant!!!

No. Covid 19 is just another type of flu is the flu shot mandatory nope ask yourself why they are trying to make this one mandatory then do your research to see what is in the shot for covid 19 then research that and let me know.

The government will provide for the people.

Already had covid don’t want to inject god knows what In my body

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I would like to answer the Covid 19 vaccine question with a question. If people are getting through this by just staying at home or indoors, why would people buy one?

Republicans won’t democrats will..

Unfortunately here in Australia if you don’t get it you can’t travel, people on government support will have it reduced, kids won’t be able to go to school.

Already had covid 19 wasn’t bad better chances of not catching it again then trust a vaccine that’s new.

Not me, I don’t take the flu shot!

Why shouldn’t I buy something to help me recover?

Cannot trust the people developing it!

When it’s ready, yes.

I’m going to wait for everyone else to take it and see how many heads they grow first.

No, thanks.

Somebody tell me why other people say no.

90 year woman old in England got the vaccine from Pfizer. She’s doing great people in England got their vaccine shots but no one was forced to have it taken.

Yes, In a heartbeat.

How many life term sentences who are locked up behind bars in prison. Use then for some good. Let them save a life than taken them…

Nope. I’ll let everyone else be the lab rat.

I don’t think there’s any point.

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Will you get Covid 19 vaccine? – Results

Will you get Covid 19 vaccine? - Results

“Will you be Covid 19 vaccine?” We asked 100 people. This was the answer we got from the question.

Looking at people’s reactions, most participants appear to be biased towards the vaccine. The reaction of those who do not want to be vaccinated is striking.

So will you get the Covid 19 vaccine?

Do not forget to indicate your answer in the comment!

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